Boris Mizhen – Draws Inspiration from Bill Gates

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Boris Mizhen says about Bill Gates that he found his passion early and followed it.

For a long time, Boris Mizhen has been inspired by Bill Gates in his property business, internet marketing company, and involvement in charity. As the world’s richest man with $72 billion, it is certain that much could be learned by studying the career of the famous Microsoft founder. With keen business acumen and constant dedication, Gates grew from a 13-year-old software enthusiast to a leading pioneer of the 21st Century technology culture.

Boris Mizhen says about Bill Gates that he found his passion early and followed it. Mizhen adds that this is not only one of the most important yet hardest parts of the business but also of life. In 1968, a PC company loaned a state-of-the-art $3,000 machine to Gates’ high school. He joined the Computer Club and instantly became fascinated by the possibilities of technology. Gates met Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen here, and the two future business partners were constantly trying to get time with the equipment, going so far as to exploit a glitch in the software that tracked usage for the corporation that owned the workstations. They were disciplined with probation, but when they were finally allowed back into the lab, they offered to debug the program, which led to developing a payroll database for the same business. Mizhen appreciates this because of the direction that dedication sends people and the risks that are taken when pursuing that kind of passion. He compares this with his own attitude to his professional life and considers that both he and Bill Gates took risks when working for their careers. If they hadn’t, it might have stunted their growth and would not have led to their successes.

Another of the key facets of Bill Gates’ story that inspire Mizhen is his personal involvement with every aspect of the business. Even in the early prosperous years of Microsoft, he was known to read through every line of code and often rewrite it himself. Mizhen says that passion never wanes. He adds that even when Microsoft was a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, with every PC in the world running its operating system, Bill never really changed from that teenager who wanted to know everything he could about technology and programming.

Much like Bill Gates, Boris Mizhen believes that the achievements he had are due to the significance he placed on his product. Gates was an early opponent of software piracy, which in the early years of computing, was rampant. In 1976, Gates wrote an open letter to computer hobbyists explaining that distributing software without paying would hinder new programs from being written. It made him very unpopular among PC enthusiasts, but Gates has never wavered from that stance. Mizhen shares the same view as Gates and considers it stealing from him and other developers. Mizhen explains that Bill knew that good work deserves proper compensation and that there is an inherent value in every effort that should be rewarded otherwise the system doesn’t work as it should.

Boris Mizhen is a New York City-based real estate developer and software entrepreneur who has developed numerous advertising and marketing websites. Along with his online endeavors, Mizhen is a devoted and tireless philanthropist, donating considerable time and energy to non-profits and other charitable organizations, such as Chabad of the Shoreline and The Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven. He follows in the footsteps of his inspirations by remaining dedicated to improving the lives of people in local communities.

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