Border Energy Launches Campaign to Increase Consumer Awareness of Energy Deregulation

Consumers discover freedom from high prices and poor customer service after energy deregulation reports Border Energy.

Consumers love competition as it helps to keep prices low while improving customer service, and these are just two of the benefits seen with energy deregulation. Citizens now find that deregulation of energy in Ohio will benefit them also thanks to Border Energy and their launch of a campaign to increase consumer awareness of this topic. "With the help of Ohio Choice Energy, Border Energy hopes to let all citizens know that they have options and no longer have to live with high energy prices or poor customer service from their electric or natural gas provider," the media team at Border Energy explains.

Consumers head to First Choice Energy in Ohio and enter the zip code of their residence. With this information, the company finds terms that meet the customer's needs and presents them to the customer. Once the energy savings plan is selected, the consumer enrols and the savings begin. Consumers love the fact that they now have choices when it comes to their electric and natural gas providers. The fact that they can save money in the process is just an added bonus for many, according to the Border Energy media team.

Deregulation of energy began in Ohio in 1997 and provided independent energy companies the opportunity to supply natural gas and/or electricity to homes and businesses. The price of the supply was calculated using current market values, values often lower than the rates of companies regulated by the government. Although the energy provider retains the right to set the market price, the government-regulated utility provider must still deliver, service and maintain all energy accounts. Consumers feel more confident shopping around for a better deal thanks to this reassurance and can save money by taking this step.

According to Planwise, energy prices have risen 37 percent over the past three years, at a rate eight times faster than average earnings. Energy deregulation gives consumers the opportunity to shop around for the best price and customer service when it comes to their energy supplier. The savings aren't limited to households either as businesses benefit from the deregulation of these industries, which can lead to lower prices for consumers, Planwise explains. "Consumers looking to cut costs now have a way to do so in Ohio, and many other states are expected to follow, as the government is pushing for energy deregulation in all 50 states by 2015. Citizens in Ohio shouldn't wait, however, as they can start saving money on their energy bills today with the help of Border Energy and First Choice Energy in Ohio," the Border Energy media team declares.

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Border Energy, a supplier of retail electric and natural gas generation and transmission services, serves business and residential clients in the Midwest. Customers enrolled with Border Energy find they gain control over energy costs, and expert staff members at Border Energy assist clients by informing and educating them about the choices they have for fulfilling their energy needs. The company remains committed to core values, including superior customer service, competitive pricing, and faith-based business principles.

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