Boosting Business Communication: How Oggvo Connect is Helping Businesses Connect with Their Clients

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The New SMS Feature is Evolving How Businesses Manage Their Online Reputation

It has been quite some time since there has been a world event that has affected almost every industry equally. The COVID-19 global pandemic did just that, and many businesses, offices, and even online platforms have had to adjust their business strategies to not merely survive, but ultimately thrive in this new societal landscape. Oggvo’s new SMS feature Oggvo Connect is helping small and mid-sized businesses navigate this transition with ease. Through strategic reputation management strategies, Oggvo has created an easier and more effective way for businesses to communicate with clients and customers.

Oggvo ran a survey to find that 87% of those preferred an SMS form of communication when communicating with businesses. As brands and businesses transition to adapt to the digital renaissance, online reputation and client reviews are everything. Oggvo’s new innovative feature helps bridge the communication gap between businesses clients, and even prospects, to cultivate an online brand presence that thrives.

Privacy and security are growing concerns in the digital era, as more and more people have their information and lives online. Oggvo has found a way to assist with these worries by instilling confidence in their clients by allowing both businesses and their customers to communicate via SMS without the need to use their personal phone number. Customers no longer have to worry about spam calls or leaked information, creating a sense of trust and transparency with one’s business. For businesses that still rely on landlines, Oggvo Connect has the ability to port the phone number onto the platform, allowing them to still send SMS communications via the landline.

Some other features this innovative platform offers:

• Inbound/Outbound Communication
• Searchable SMS history
• AI keyword activated auto-responses
• Automatic scheduled messaging
• Group messaging
• Number porting

Standing high above their competitors in customer service, Oggvo implements a hands-on service model to continue to assist all clients with troubleshooting and technical support as needed. This new technology creates a world of opportunity for brands and businesses seeking to implement cutting-edge communications and marketing methods to reach their clientele. As the world begins the roadmap to recovery after the pandemic, consumers are seeking transparency and trust above all else; Oggvo Connect streamlines communication to cultivate that crucial connection.

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About Oggvo:
Oggvo is a revolutionary biz tech company specializing in reputation and communication management. Founded in 2018, the Seattle-based company seeks to become the leading tech stack for small to medium-sized businesses on a global scale. Oggvo is continually creating, designing, and developing new technology and software to help any type of business boost its footprint in the market. Through using Oggvo clients can gather local reviews of their business for marketing purposes, manage their online reputation, and create communication management solutions in one sleek interface.

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Name: Samuel Brown
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