BOOS Debuts as the World's First and Only Persian Jewish Dating App

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Breakthrough app is brainchild of young American-Iranian entrepreneur

BOOS, the world’s first and only dating app for Persian Jews, has launched. Created by Arash Barmaan, a 21-year-old American-Iranian internet entrepreneur, BOOS serves the unique dating needs of the Persian-Jewish community. Young people in this community tend to be serious and marriage-minded, with long historical traditions guiding what is considered appropriate matchmaking. The app is designed to speak to these sometimes complex cultural nuances.

“This is not the hookup culture on your phone,” Barmaan explained. “The app enables users to connect with people who are for real, who understand what it means to be a Persian Jew in the United States in the 21st century.” Early adopters of the app have expressed enthusiasm for its matching capabilities.

Creating the app is the latest in a blossoming business and creative career for Barmaan. He has had his share of challenges, though. Growing up, Barmaan always wanted to become an NBA player. He loved basketball so much that he never pursued interest in any other career path. Being born to middle eastern parents, however, he was always expected live up to the stereotype of becoming some kind of doctor, lawyer and engineer. Barmaan never listened to them, and always followed his heart and dreams to the point he could.

After getting cut from his high school varsity basketball team for racist political profiling reasons, he noticed he had to practice more and put in more hard work to be able to make the Santa Monica College men’s basketball team without them having a reason to cut him from the team. Tryouts came, and there weren’t many roster spots left. Most had been reserved for the returning team players and recruits. Barmaan still had the potential and a chance to make it in the following years. During this process, he decided to play overseas instead and then transition to the NBA as it would increase his probability of making it as a professional basketball player.

During that summer, he came to the realization that this was the best future for him. All the odds were stacked against him, given his physical genetics and background. And, even if he did end up making it as a professional basketball player, he wouldn’t be as successful as all the big well-known names and he would be all worn out and banged up by the time he retired.

Given all the many different types of scenarios that could have took part if he had a basketball life and career, he decided to pursue his longtime dreams and aspirations of making and creating his own app as a future CEO and founder of his own business. Barmaan intends to someday become an NBA athletic trainer and be close to what was once his only passion in living life.

To learn more, visit Barmaan's Instagram and Facebook pages.

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