Bongdalu Sports Media Launches Football And Soccer Match Info In Vietnamese offers live score information for fans and betting odds calculations. The league information is updated daily.

Livescore is a website which offers football and soccer match information in Vietnamese. The website is a top website in Vietnam. Daily, the site updates all league match information and free live streaming. In addition to the results of matches, the site provides schedules and information on the various teams. The data is presented actively in a number of different ways. The
website user can look at various leagues, odds, live matches and details about the players and the teams.

Live score Bong Da presents the data from all the hot tournaments in major leagues around the world. These include English Premier, Championship Italy, German, Championship Spanish and Championship French. Users of the website can find details on V-League, Europa League, Champions League and Europe 2016. International categories include the World Cup and International groupings.

Fans of football/soccer, basketball, tennis and baseball can follow the live updates and schedules for their favourite teams. Rugby information is also presented. Keeping up to date on this information can be helpful in travelling to attend games or placing bets on the outcome of the matches.

At a more detailed level, users of the Livescore website can see schedules and team rankings for players in various countries throughout the world. 31 countries in Europe, ranging from Cyprus to Iceland are presented in detail. The Asian country teams include China, Japan and Korea. Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam details are presented, along with Malaysia and Indonesia. Eight countries in the Americas are included, with Canada, Peru and Mexico as well as the United States and Chile. Two countries in Africa, Egypt and South Africa, and two countries in Oceania are detailed.

There is a mobile version available for users. In addition, the free app makes staying current on game and results details easy and convenient. A tab on the website allows users to jump to the latest news about the games and the players.

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