Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services Announces Expansion of Service Area

Civil engineering company opens office in Edmonton to bridge supply and demand gap.

Canada Business News reports the demand for civil engineers in the Alberta area is increasing by an average of 25 percent annually. While the number of students pursuing a career in this field is at an all time high, the province currently lacks enough established professionals to meet their growing needs. In an effort to bridge this gap, Trent Thompson of Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services has announced the company has expanded their services into Edmonton and the surrounding communities.

Said Thompson, "We cover industrial, commercial, municipal and residential requirements as well as environmental services. Since we have been available to clients in the Alberta area since our company was established, expanding our offices to provide full time assistance to these communities was the logical next step. Our employees are able to use their experience in both engineering and construction to meet the full range of needs for our clients."

Although this profession is among the most expansive in existence and dates back thousands of years, members of the civil engineering community are considered society's unsung heroes. These experts literally build the world around the general public, from the pre-planning stages of a new building to ongoing maintenance efforts, to ensure those structures remain standing. They are also responsible for planning water, sewer, and electrical systems within those homes, offices, warehouses and other buildings.

Beginning in the stages before actual purchase, the professionals at Bolson provide Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments to protect potential land owners from contamination and liability for pre-existing conditions. Should the land in question show signs of possible contamination, the company proceeds to Phase 2, determining the level and type of pollution and the appropriate remediation actions to eliminate the threat.

Once land is deemed safe and development is eminent, Bolson provides topographical surveys, design and planning services of the actual structure, drainage proposals to ensure the foundation remains sound, cost estimates for projects, coordination with the proper authorities and required documentation, management and quality control during construction and support after completion, as well as assistance in a range of other areas.

Concluded Thompson, "We are proud to meet the cost requirements of our clients while ensuring their projects remain in compliance with all applicable codes and offer the highest level of functionality. Our array of expertise caters to any needs they may have, and we are pleased to be able to permanently expand our efforts to the Edmonton area. For more information on what we have to offer, potential clients may visit our website and view the Bolson Engineering - Our Services page."

About Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services:
Established in 2007, Bolson Engineering and Environmental Services holds expertise in civil enterprises such as commercial, municipal, industrial and residential ventures. Their services span supply estimating, project and construction administration, drafting, engineering and surveying work in Edmonton, Alberta and the neighboring areas. Bolson also provides environmental work such as Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments as well as Environmental Screening Reports.

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