Boiler Grants Info Publishes New Information on ECO 2 Government Funding Scheme

BoilerGrant.iInfo is helping people afford new, energy efficient boilers by publishing information on latest ECO 2 government scheme, recommending application before the election.

From April 2015 a new round of funding is released by the government to help people convert their old condensing boilers to new energy efficient models. If a qualifying boiler breaks down, homeowners can receive a grant to replace it with an energy efficient boiler. The new scheme, entitled ECO 2, is now available, and watchdog Boiler Grants Info is recommending everyone apply for the scheme before the general election, to prevent any potential changes in government getting in the way of receiving the funding. The website also includes all the steps needed to apply.

The website allows people to enter their post code to see if they are eligible to receive the funding from the government through their local council- certain metropolitan boroughs n the north of England are exempt, as well as some exceptions. Individuals can then get a free survey to confirm their existing boiler is inefficient and inactive before receiving a grant to replace it with any number of new generation boilers.

The site also includes a plethora of information on next generation boiler systems, and supporting partners such as British Gas, EDF, N Power, EON and more. These providers will help individuals select the best boiler for their purposes and get all the information they need to save in the long run.

A spokesperson for BoilerGrants.Info explained, “We have all the information people could require on the ECO 2 scheme, not only in its bare bones form, but also including information on how to apply to ensure individuals are successful. We understand why this money is being made available, but the layer of bureaucracy between it and those who need it can be punishingly exclusive. We aim to pull down those barriers and help people get an energy efficient future that frees them up from some of the exorbitantly high energy prices of today’s market.”

About Boiler Grants Info: Boilerinfo is a UK website that helps qualifying homeowners, landlords and also private tenants find funding for new energy efficient boilers under the UK govt ECO scheme. This scheme provides grants for the replacement of new boilers. The site also includes regular updates on government schemes and advice for how to apply successfully.

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