BOC Sciences Optimizes Production and Development of Microbial Metabolites

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BOC Sciences recently announced that it has expanded its service range to provide fermentation process optimization services for the development and production of microbial metabolites.

BOC Sciences, a New York-based provider of microbial metabolite products and services, recently announced that it has expanded its service range to provide fermentation process optimization services for the development and production of microbial metabolites.

In terms of productivity and potency, wild microbial strain products frequently fall short of commercial manufacturing requirements. As a result, strain development and improvement are frequently included in the actual fermentation production process. Methods such as strain mutagenesis and strain screening are often employed to generate strains with higher yield, higher titer, better stability, reduced toxicity, shorter fermentation time, and lower substrate cost. Thanks to its exceptional fermentation and organic synthesis capabilities, BOC Sciences offers support and optimization services ranging from strain development to commercial production processes.

Capabilities of BOC Sciences
Equipment: high-end production and processing equipment, including various-sized fermentation tanks, continuous sterilization, multiple aseptic feeding lines, separation and purification equipment.
Laboratory scale: fitted with 5L to 200L fermentation tanks imported or domestically produced.
Pilot-scale and Commercial-scale: fully automatic fermentation tanks with varied volumes up to 12,000L are available.
Commercial scale: fermentation tanks of 10-120 m3.

BOC Sciences’s optimization services include:
Strain improvement platform
BOC Sciences owned various expression systems including Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In addition, it has a complete strain improvement platform, and improves the development of strains with a variety of strain breeding technologies such as physical mutagenesis, chemical mutagenesis, genetic recombination technology, spatial breeding, protoplast fusion, and high-throughput screening.

Customized industrialization solutions
According to customers' requirements for different fermentation end products and fermentation scales, BOC Sciences engineers provide customized industrialization solutions covering the entire stage.

Multi-scale optimization of fermentation process
Multi-parameter online detection and analysis, computer integrated control technology, frequency conversion control technology, and mass spectrometry online analysis and tracking are provided by BOC Sciences for multi-scale fermentation process optimization.

Downstream process optimization
BOC Sciences can also help with downstream process optimization. The screening, development, and preparation of ion exchange resins and microporous adsorption resins with high adsorption capacity, good exchange efficiency, and stable chemical properties can be completed using high-efficiency green separation technology combined with membrane and chromatographic technology. BOC Sciences performs sophisticated product separation and purification operations, as well as the production of reference standards for target chemicals and related contaminants, thanks to its modern equipment.

With a complete R&D platform and supporting functions, BOC Sciences also provides fermentation CDMO services for global partners of large pharmaceutical, biotech and biopharmaceutical companies. Visit the webpage at for more details.

About BOC Sciences
BOC Sciences seeks to assist researchers in the sectors of food safety, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals with its professional and high-quality microbial metabolite products and services. Antibiotics, bioactive by-products, enzyme inhibitors, mycotoxins, and other compounds fermented and separated from actinomycetes, bacteria, fungi, plants, and other organisms are all included in BOC Sciences's product catalog. Its ambition is to become the world's most competitive and productive metabolite provider.

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