Bob the BA Launches Campaign to Make Leadership Training Engaging & Interactive

For four years, has offered leadership training and business analysis that is hands on and interactive and now the company is extending this reach to offer even more

In a recent survey, 72% workers stated they are not achieving their full potential at work, and 80% of workers would welcome opportunities to grow. HR departments are laser focused on their organization’s reputation as a place to reach your full potential to attract and retain high-performing workers. Unfortunately, only a few business owners and HR departments have embraced how training opportunities provide a path to workers to reach their full potential.

To help these organizations and workers, Bob the BA offers business analysis, critical thinking, Agile, strategic enterprise analysis, and leadership training that is both engaging and interactive. These courses are offered at prices that make them ideal for all budgets.

“For over four consecutive years, Bob the BA, found at, has been rated as one of the top business analyst training company and speakers at conferences all around the globe,” stated company founder Paul Crosby. “We offer training courses that are affordable, focused and flexible, which is much different than what is offered by other service providers. We also have proof from previous training sessions that our efforts and methods are effective – there is no guessing or wondering if it will work when you choose us.” Bob Prentiss is the other founder of Bob the BA agreed, “At Bob the BA is about getting to know your organization’s unique training needs, customizing the training, and cutting out everything you do not need.”

Even though 56 percent of all HR managers believe training and development is a critical business enabler, they are not actively moving to increase the training opportunities available to employees. There are several reasons for this including not having information about these programs and believing the training is not affordable.

“At any given time, businesses and employees can find a wide array of courses and programs to choose from on the website,” continued Crosby. “We work to keep a diverse selection of courses and opportunities to clients to ensure they get the training and services they want and need.” At Bob the BA we do not stop innovating to make training more effective with unique products.

Additional information about the training courses and opportunities are available at the website. Business owners, HR managers, Project Management Offices, Technology Leaders, Business Leaders, and employees are encouraged to visit frequently to see the new courses that are offered. Stay tuned for our “Game Changing” new fall class schedule.


At Bob the BA, our staff utilizes a unique approach to leadership and business analysis training that is both engaging and interactive. The staff believes that individuals will learn best with hands-on training, which is why all of the courses are hands-on and interactive. Bob is a top-rated speaker and has appeared at conferences around the world on the topics of elicitation, facilitation, analysis techniques, being an Agile BA, process improvement, building better business relationships and enterprise analysis. Paul is a speaker at international events on Strategic Enterprise Analysis and is the author of the upcoming book “Fail Fast – Fail Safe: How to be bold in harnessing the power of failure to drive innovation in your career and organization. Agile is the first step towards a greater journey”.

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