Bob Knows Phones Now Fixes Laptop Screens

Local phone repair shop Bob Knows Phones has long been in the business of fixing iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Now the shop has added cracked laptop screens to its list of repairs as well.

Bob Knows Phones has become a trusted local repair shop for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. The shop has expanded its services this month by adding cracked laptop screens to the list of things they can repair.

Cracked screens have always been common on smart phones and tablets, according to “Bob,” the shop's handsome founder and spokesperson. But as laptop and notebook computers get smaller, and go more places with people, he says he's had more requests to fix their screens, too.

“One day I asked our repair team if they think they could handle a laptop screen” Bob said. “They asked me what I spilled on my computer this time around.” Bob says the laptop repairs can often be done same day, and that like all Bob repairs they come backed with a 30-day guarantee.

“Look, we know you need your laptop back in a hurry,” Bob said. “You have a presentation to finish. Homework to do. Episodes of Battlestar Galactica to watch.”

But for those who don't want to come into the store, Bob also offers mail-in repairs. “The instructions are on our site and it's easy to do,” Bob said. “Although, that's a lot of stamps to lick. Maybe it would be easier just to get a friend to drive it in.”

Cracked or damaged screens are among the most common laptop injuries, according to Bob, and people often wrongly think it means their laptop is done for. “Let us help you. A broken screen doesn't mean your computer is bricked,” Bob said. “Unless, of course, you actually hit it with a brick.”

About Bob Knows Phones:
Bob Knows Phones is Atlanta iPhone repair and laptop/tablet repair specialist. Bob offers immediate, reliable and guarantee-backed repairs for cell phones, smart phones, iPads and other devices. Both Bob locations have a friendly, neighborhood repair shop atmosphere with clear prices and quick service. Phones can even be mailed in for repairs.

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