Bob Kittell Releases Series of one minute videos as One Minute with Bob

Internationally renowned, award-winning and power-proven keynote speaker, Bob Kittell, has released a new series of his short one minute videos – One Minute with Bob - wherein he has tried to bring in his years of experience and memory techniques to assist his audience.

Having a sharp memory is a blessing that assists people to excel in every phase of life, but to have a sharp memory is something that not everyone is blessed with. Bob Kittell, an award-winning power speaker, has developed certain techniques though which have proven to be extremely effective in improving memory and realizing the true potential of mind. Now he has tried to bring in all his experience, memory techniques, methods and memory courses together as he releases a series of small one minute videos – One Minute with Bob.

It has been well accepted now that a higher EQ (emotional quotient) is much more important to have, rather than a high IQ (intelligence quotient), to be successful in every aspect of life. A higher EQ comes with certain skills and behaviors which make one much more successful in understanding people and situations and thus lead to better decision making. So reportedly, Bob Kittell emphasizes in providing the emotional intelligence solutions and improving memory through various memory techniques.

Now with the release of his new one minute videos, Bob is reportedly trying to bring in his years of experience together for all his audience world-wide and present it further in simple and effective manner. His videos comprise of his various memory techniques, courses and powerful keynotes, to empower the audience and assisting them in understanding their minds’ true potential

Over the, Bob has spoken for various corporate leaders, students and in numerous events featuring personalities like George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Gorbachev etc. and toured with people like Colin Powell, Mitt Romney, Jim Kramer, Anthony Robbin etc., to name a few. His effective methods and ability to connect with audience has been well appreciated by many of his listeners. As Hugh McCutcheon, US Olympic gold and silver medal volleyball coach, said, “Bob is an engaging, enlightening and unique presenter with powerful messages. I will recommend him to everyone.”

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