BNZ Materials, Inc. Launches Marinite CF for the Aluminum Industry

New carbon reinforced non-wetting calcium silicate insulating board now available.

BNZ Materials, Inc. introduces Marinite CF, a carbon reinforced non-wetting calcium silicate insulating board that is used within the aluminum industry for transition plates and billet casting. Manufactured with today’s modern casting technology in mind, Marinite CF transition plates have been proven to last considerably longer than any comparable product on the market. BNZ’s precision fabricated parts offer low shrinkage, low absorption, longer life and an exceptionally clean metal surface.

In terms of producing a high-quality ingot, it’s very important to choose a high quality refractory as well, something that is effective for the billet casting process. Studies have reported that Marinite CF has outperformed their competition exponentially. After putting Marinite CF in use, an international company using this product stated that they set their companies’ world record for the number of drops while using this product. With every casting facility being different BNZ can’t promise the same results, but what they will say is that this product typically has been outperforming the competition by a remarkably wide margin.

With many companies around the world trialing and using Marinite CF, history shows that this product will increase the number of drops between changing out a table which will result in less down time and more time producing your product. In terms of cost, we all know that less down time equals less labor expense and more material being produced adding to your bottom line.

According to BNZ Materials, Inc., Marinite CF is non-wetting, thermal shock resistant, shows low shrinkage, is easily machined and offers very low absorption. Another advantage of this product is that, whether BNZ fabricates your part or as is in sheet form, this material has a very clean surface. For more information on high-quality insulating products for your business, please visit

About BNZ Materials, Inc.:
BNZ Materials, Inc. has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing insulating products that can handle high temperatures. They have worked within every industry to provide high-quality materials. BNZ Materials, Inc. is a global supplier of both structural insulating boards and refractories. Their two North American plants are located in Billerica, Massachusetts and Zelienople, Pennsylvania. They also have an insulating firebrick plant in Plemet, France. They offer over 16 different types of Insulating firebrick to meet the specific needs of their clients. Each of these plants manufactures distinct products that offer many advantages over their competitors and all have available capacity that encourages both domestic and international growth.

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