BNC-the world's first public chain + 5G smart mining ecosystem was born

BNC was founded by the Russian BNCCOIN Foundation. It is the world's first peer-to-peer network technology based on blockchain and smart contracts.

With the continuous acceleration of commercialization, 5G has become the focus of the next layout of various Internet companies. How to solve the problems of usage scenarios and industrial layout in the 5G era, each company has constructed different frameworks according to its different industrial directions and layouts. Huawei has built a new network communication system with Internet communication technology as the core, while Qualcomm of the United States relies on the mature Internet of Things technology in the United States to deepen the intelligent machinery industry in the United States. Facing the golden 5G era in the future, the Russian BNCCOIN Foundation also relies on its unique Internet technology and advanced financial system solutions to build a framework system that is extremely suitable for the 5G era-Yijie Cloud BNC: the world's first The mining ecosystem of public chain + 5G application architecture.

BNC was founded by the Russian BNCCOIN Foundation. It is the world's first peer-to-peer network technology based on blockchain and smart contracts. It is a global distributed digital encryption platform designed for mines, international foreign exchange, and cross-border payments. In order to ensure the construction of the entire global system, we have branch offices and technical centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, London and other places.

The BNC project comes from the combination of blockchain technology and 5G technology. Our project members are senior financial experts and Internet technicians. In the face of this new network era, we have adopted a series of system construction and technological reforms. , We hope to promote the upgrade and progress of the entire Internet financial industry through a complete ecosystem that we have created.

The application scenarios of the entire project have diversified characteristics. Users can participate in international trade, national foreign exchange, cross-border transaction systems, chain data sharing, online data platforms, supply chain financial systems and other aspects. Through various applications of the entire platform, Users can fully participate in the entire content of the newly constructed financial system and use the financial solutions provided by the platform to achieve a rapid increase in wealth.

In the financial system, we use the network nodes constructed in Russia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Iran and other places to achieve global trade interaction. The entire platform can support dozens of RMB, US dollars, British pounds, euros, etc. Users can also exchange tokens on the platform to obtain various services around the world.

In addition to realizing a full range of applications in the investment field, E-World Cloud BNC has implemented a full range of applications in the 5G era. In order to fully respond to the new multi-dimensional use needs of the 5G era, we are working We constantly update and develop its unique ecological applications in areas such as border trade, payment and settlement, public welfare, computing and other fields. We also provide user-friendly services in game development, cross-border payment, token exchange, and point-to-point rapid transmission. The required application scenarios have built a shared, private, and multi-scenario integrated 5G network application platform for customers.

The unique game rules of BNC First is a unique mining system: The BNC project uses powerful FPGA chips to obtain a feasible BNC node and efficient and flexible mining machines to realize a complete mining system. . Users can realize integrated operations such as mining, currency exchange, cash withdrawal, and investment through platform mining machines. The second is a variety of transaction media systems: As the basic transaction media, BNC can complete peer-to-peer payment directly in the wallet. At the same time, the BNC intelligent mining ecosystem of BNC will also support digital legal currencies such as the US dollar, the euro, and the renminbi. Users can also directly use digital legal currency, digital currency, and any asset that relies on the BNC ecosystem for payment and exchange. The third is a shared knowledge platform: As an open digital platform, E-World Cloud BNC can provide participants with a large number of investment opportunities and highly specialized financial solutions. At the same time, we also support direct communication and sharing between users , And adopt a strict protection mechanism to protect personal intellectual property rights.

In terms of future development plans, the BNC project team, together with world-renowned technical talents, Internet experts, and corporate executives, will give new value to the 5G era, and propose to build a new architecture with a common architecture of public chains and 5G applications. The value of ecological network system, and to create a 5G golden age planning strategy.

In this plan, we will launch a huge blueprint for the construction of the entire system at the beginning of the project, and establish the future development direction of the entire system. At the end of the plan, we will finally determine the application direction of the entire network system and the degree of user satisfaction with the system. , A large and complete application library is the basic feature of the final system. The operation rights of the entire system will be transferred to individual users by enterprises, and users will use this system to build their 5G era.

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