BM Rebirth Protocol, the true successor of Bitcoin?

The BM Rebirth Protocol was jointly initiated by a number of well-known Bitcoin miner geeks on the global dark web, aiming to re-establish a brand new Bitcoin network.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto successfully created a peer-to-peer electronic money payment system-Bitcoin network. Bitcoin guarantees its scarcity, divisibility and portability through cryptographic algorithms, and highly simulates the characteristics and functions of gold, thus successfully replicating the first true digital gold.

For more than ten years after the birth of Bitcoin, regardless of the market bulls or bears, it has always been one of the most controversial topics in the financial and technological circles. In the early stage of Bitcoin's issuance, only a personal computer was required to participate in mining. Later, in order to overcome the problem of reduced output caused by the increase in computing power, a large number of professional mining machines appeared. Therefore, the computing power of Bitcoin's entire network has been increasing in recent years, and the problems of Bitcoin mining have become more and more prominent. This is because with the increase in computing power, Bitcoin mining equipment is bound to become more and more advanced, and the renewal and iteration of mining machines has become an inevitable result of the development of Bitcoin. For this reason, many experts and scholars in the international community have always criticized Bitcoin, thinking that the iteration of Bitcoin mining machines has caused a lot of waste of resources and is not conducive to the long-term development of human society.

But the emergence of the BM rebirth agreement changed all of this.

The BM Rebirth Protocol was jointly initiated by a number of well-known Bitcoin miner geeks on the global dark web, aiming to re-establish a brand new Bitcoin network. By uniting the Bitcoin miners of the world's top ten cooperative mining farms and the members of the ecological community with a consensus foundation, the BM rebirth protocol will help miners around the world to activate the idle Bitcoin mining machines in their hands, and let the excess computing power of the eliminated mining machines shine. The new vitality completely breaks through the barriers between miners, mining machines, mines, and mining pools, forming a truly complete ecosystem of the entire Bitcoin mining industry chain.

In the past, due to the increase in computing power and the increase in power consumption of mining machines, the cost of Bitcoin mining has continued to increase. A large number of mining machines have been on the verge of shutting down and stopping mining. After the Bitcoin market suffered a sharp drop on March 12, 2020, the mining industry was even worse. By the time Bitcoin was halved for the third time, more than one million mining machines around the world reached the shutdown price. Mining disasters approached and miners shut down and left the site. A large number of eliminated mining machines had nowhere to be placed. Unfortunately, they became the mouths of some experts. "Scrap iron".

The BM rebirth protocol inherits the core technology of the Bitcoin network and adopts the rebirth protocol mechanism to establish a miner access mechanism to maintain the stability and security of the network. Most importantly, it will set up mining machine transformation centers around the world to assist miners in transforming tens of thousands of idle Bitcoin mining machines, bringing the obsolete mining machines back to life, reshaping the value of computing power, and creating a new belief in wealth !

In addition, the BM Rebirth Agreement also actively expands computing power assets, cloud computing power contracts, cutting-edge mining machine technology, and high-end commercial landing applications, using blockchain technology to open up a more convenient global payment ecosystem, making BM pass seamless Link with all commercial entities to fulfill the ambition that Bitcoin failed to achieve!

The birth of the BM rebirth protocol is a boon to miners around the world and an important milestone in the development of Bitcoin. It can not only solve the long-standing problems of Bitcoin mining, but also carry the high hopes that humans have placed on Bitcoin. In the future, the BM Rebirth Protocol will relay Bitcoin and take the lead in achieving the lofty ideal of subverting the global monetary payment system.

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