Bluedrop Services Warn Drivers Against Complacency in Safety Tech Advancements

Bluedrop Services warns Fleet Managers that their employees should not become too relaxed in their driving behaviour as automation and vehicle safety features continue to develop and improve

With the developments in technology such as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), crash frequency has indeed reduced with research confirming that it leads to a 38 per cent reduction in low speed rear end crashes. It is predicted that by 2035, crashes will be further reduced by up to 80 per cent due to autonomous and connected cars, but this does not mean that drivers should become complacent, and Fleet Managers are urged to communicate the importance of non-reliance on tech.

On top of the immeasurable cost of lives, there are a number of additional costs relating to vehicle accidents that businesses can incur, and these should be considered as Fleet Managers take responsibility for educating and training their drivers on efficient and safe driving behaviour. In addition to punitive damages, there will be increased fleet insurance premiums, vehicle maintenance costs, decreased productivity and morale, reputational damage to the company's brand, and increased claims from employee injuries.

"Drivers need to continue to understand and remain responsible for their behaviour behind the wheel. As technology advances, cars can do more and more independently, and there is no doubt that automated vehicles will transform driving by reducing both congestion and crashes. This will be a huge advancement as the latest figures show congestion is costing the UK economy £30.8bn a year from spending valuable time in traffic and we are now the fourth most-congested developed country in the world," says Paul Fincham, motor fleet broker with Bluedrop Services.

"However, with 90 per cent of crashes being attributed to driver error according to Government statistics, drivers need to remain aware of their responsibility, and distracted driving is a major contributor in this area. The surge in number of light commercial vehicles on the road only goes to emphasise this point further as van drivers are proven to be twice as likely to partake in distracted driving behaviour, such as mobile phone usage," adds Fincham. "It is unfortunate to hear that in the light of the new tougher penalties being introduced this month for mobile phone usage whilst driving, that the number of drivers being stopped for using their phone has remained significantly high."

"The growth in safety features such as automatic breaking and lane assistance systems can give drivers a false sense of security that they can relax whilst their car looks after them, but unfortunately, until vehicles are fully automated, motorists cannot stop paying attention to the road and their surroundings. Companies that own vehicles for business use must remain proactive in eliminating the risks and take steps to control mobile usage whilst employees are on the road," warns Fincham.

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