BlueCube Network Launches Internet Slangs Database

BlueCube Network offers a large database of internet abbeviations and acronyms. More than 9000 entries are included in the searchable database.

BlueCube Network Pvt. Ltd has launched InternetSlangs.Net, the largest database of internet abbreviations and acronyms. The searchable database has more than nine thousand slang words and their meanings. Internet slangs no longer will be a mystery and computer lingo becomes more understandable with the simple guide to internet acronyms and abbreviations. Because the internet is nearly global in its reach, a reference guide to slang, acronyms and abbreviations are very helpful.

The website considers slangs to be the range of slang languages used in the internet world today. Acronyms are the short form of an abbreviation which in itself becomes a new word. An example is “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) which becomes a new word. Another, more technical acronym which has become a word in its own right is “NASA” or National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Abbreviations are short forms of the whole word. The first letter of each word in the phrase combines to form the abbreviation. An example is “OMG! Or “Oh, my God!”. Another, more extensive example is ROFLMAO or “Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off”.

The website is the latest and largest dictionary of popular slang expressions available. New entries are constantly expanding the database. A very user-friendly website is offered and there is no charge to obtain the information. In addition to the searchable database, there are several other helpful features associated with the site. The top ten recent searches are listed, along with the ability to dive deeper into the meaning. This feature helps to keep the site current since new terms are constantly being queried as the language changes.

The website developers have identified popular slang terms which may be understood better by some groups and cultures than others. For example, “886” is Hong Kong Cantonese for “Bye-Bye”. There are additional words which may be linked to a search term. All of these tools found on the website help to better share information in a fun and globally understood way.

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