Blockcities collaborates with international agricultural firms in a bid to transform the agriculture industry's future

Blockchain technology company Blockcities has announced partnerships with two international agriculture enterprises, AgVisors and Simply Natural Farms, a collaboration seen to bring radical change to the agriculture industry.

Simply Natural Farms, a multinational, vertically integrated organic agriculture enterprise, is preparing to offer fractionalized plantations with professional management through the upcoming Blockcities platform.

Together, Simply Natural Farms and Blockcities are poised to bring fractional organic agriculture to the masses.

Designed to be a game-changer in the move towards sustainability, Blockcities enables users to buy fractional ownership in sustainable physical assets powered by blockchain technology. They are offered to investors in the form of tokenized securities.

"By creating a platform that provides fractional ownership, investors are able to diversify across asset classes and geographies, allowing them to purchase 1% ownership of 100 different assets rather than just a single property," a representative of Blockcities said in a statement.

Blockcities is leading the way in making blockchain technology simple and easy to use. It takes the best of what blockchains have to offer and applies this technology towards fractionalizing physical assets, with milestone based smart contract distribution on the backend. This allows them to provide a real time visualization of the construction process, similar to a Domino's pizza tracker that we all know and love.

Fractional ownership is an investment approach where the cost of an asset is divided between individual shareholders. On the backend, asset owners are able to make operational and management decisions using blockchain powered voting, with the voting proportional to their ownership in the asset.

Blockcities is also set to give the real estate industry a major upgrade with modular housing on demand. Their platform was designed to support sustainable communities and even open source destinations, where users decide the accommodations they want to experience.

On the other hand, the collaboration between AgVisors and Blockcities creates the leading technology to bring supply chain efficiencies, transparency, and smart farming technology to agricultural products.

AgVisors has ramped up efforts to provide farm management solutions and has led the pack as the preferred partner for outsourced farm development and plantation infrastructure services.

"Blockchain technology has a huge potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry. It provides innovative solutions in the market that have the potential to improve food security and supply chain efficiencies. It puts power back in the hands of the people by allowing individuals to invest in their own sustainable infrastructure," the representative stressed.

Blockcities is preparing to unveil an innovative platform where users are able to design the future they wish to experience by utilizing blockchain-powered voting, pre-reservation, and asset fractionalization. Licensed professionals plug into the transaction process, where they simply upload documentation and mark the task complete.

"Together, AgVisors and Blockcities are setting the standard for driving digital transformation in food system resiliency that will shape the future of the agriculture industry," the representative added. "Blockcities has built a platform for sustainable solutions in housing, agriculture and renewable energy. And we’re thrilled to be part of the solution."

Blockcities is preparing to launch in beta this year and will have both web and mobile applications available on an invite-only basis, similar to the popular Clubhouse app. Visit to learn more and request an invite for access.

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