Blockchain And Game Development Overlap With Free API Released By GameCredits

GameCredits Inc expands its blockchain - game development fusion releasing a new revolutionary API. Using the company’s API, game developers can cut revenue fees and improve gamer end experience. Geographic-financial limitations for games can also be resolved.

Ethereum blockchain based GameCredits Inc announced the launch of its free API. The API will allow any game developer to offer the GameCredits cryptocurrency as a means of payment for in-game items and currencies. Before this revolutionary announcement, game developers lacked access to the benefits of blockchain technology. Developers who use GameCredits as a means of payment can increase revenue by 20%, eliminate chargebacks, and offer a single payment method to hundreds of new regions around the world. GameCredits released a first version of this API several months ago. Since then they have improved the product, increasing transaction capability to 70,000 users per second. This achievement was possible through GameCredit's partnership with the game development company Datcroft. Together, the companies have initiated a massive change in the gaming industry.

Despite the growing popularity of blockchain technology, the GameCredits API is the first of its kind to offer universal benefits to any game developer. GameCredits Chief Operating Officer Alex Migitko said “game developers have consistently been taken advantage of; developers have been required to pay 30% on all revenue to vendors like Apple, Google and Steam. Cryptocurrency payments can not only save developers money, but create brand new gaming economies. GameCredits will make this possibility a reality”.

Migitko elaborated, “The closest program to GameCredits API was developed for individual games. This means that GameCredits is the first cryptocurrency payment solution to be developed for any digital game on the market. Our API has also been built to scale with the size of any developer. It doesn’t matter if your game has 10,000 players or 10,000,000, GameCredits can handle all of your needs.”

GameCredits Inc was established nearly two years ago, in 2015. Since then, the company has strived to provide gamers and developers with easy access to blockchain technology. In 2016 the company partnered with the global game developer Datcroft Games, and began expanding its connections in the gaming industry. In 2017, GameCredits aims to launch in thousands of games, reaching millions of players world-wide.

Today, GameCredits free API is the only platform offering a universal cryptocurrency as a method of in-game payment. Using the GameCredits' payment gateway, developers offer their players various payment options such as bitcoin, credit cards, dozens of cryptocurrencies, and soon Latin American payment options. Players can purchase GameCredits through any of these payment options, and begin using the coins to make instant and secure purchases. Game developers of all sizes can reap substantial benefits with GameCredits API. Using the program, the largest game developers in the world can increase revenue and eliminate chargebacks. At the same time, small developers can avoid the expensive and complicated process of accepting payments from various countries. By creating a universally beneficial payment solution, GameCredits is predicted to see exponential growth in the coming years.

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