Bling Jewelry Stands With Amazon To Defend 3rd Party Sellers Against Antitrust Bill In Congress

Bling Jewelry has published a response to the Antitrust Bill that is currently being discussed in Congress. They have come out in support of Amazon, opposing the bill’s potential harm to 3rd party sellers.

Bling Jewelry, an online jewelry and accessory retailer based in New Jersey, is coming out publicly against the Antitrust Bill that is currently being discussed through the United States Congress. The bill, which is ostensibly designed to mitigate the power that Amazon has on the online retail market, could cause undue harm to third-party retailers, as both Amazon and now, Bling Jewelry, has stated.

“Congress has no clear idea of how Amazon and 3rd party sellers will only get hurt by their bill, almost all retail chain store and even other online marketplaces, sell their own branded products alongside all their third-party seller's products for decades. Most Amazon 3rd party sellers became entrepreneurs because Amazon created a platform that gave them access to millions of customers and a minimal cost”. said Elena Castaneda CEO of Bling Jewelry

Bling Jewelry warns that the Anti-Trust Bill as it stands now may force Amazon to remove third-party sellers from their platform leaving sellers to have to create and market their own websites at an unrealistic cost and loss of millions of potential customers. Bling Jewelry has found this potential demand to be “unrealistic.”

The support comes out after Amazon has launched their own Antitrust bills website, as well as having sent emails, to several of its sellers to warn them about the potential repercussions of Congress’ Antitrust bills. Amazon’s Antitrust bills website gives sellers the chance to sign up for any updates on the legislation and aims to share resources to help sellers get in touch with their elected officials to speak out against the bill.

Bling Jewelry is an online jewelry and accessory retailer that aims to provide stylish and high-quality jewelry to a wide audience through its team of internal designers and manufacturers, as well as through the partnerships that they have built up through the years. Founded by Elena Castaneda, who began the business in a single apartment in Manhattan, they have since expanded to become a top seller of sterling silver jewelry and a multi-million-dollar company with manufacturers across the globe.

To learn more about Bling Jewelry, their range of products, or to find out more about their stance on the Antitrust Bill moving through Congress, you can visit their website at


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