BLAZAR Token launches its exclusive fund Alternative for their valuable costumers

BLAZAR is a decentralized token, that eliminates the centralized third party to manage investments in the token and fix the transparency issues. The token is built on the Ethereum network listing first on the UniSwap.

BLAZAR, a cryptocurrency token built to access retirement funds that are otherwise inaccessible, launched its Initial token offering starting from 1st December. This token provides a transparent means to access, liquidize, and maximize your investment. In addition, BLAZAR utilizes dollar-cost averaging through weekly payroll deductions so we can take advantage of market fluctuations without having to worry about market timing by buying in at different points in time. This ensures that investors never have too much or too little invested into the system at any given time. Although Project is still in the initial stage, So we can't predict the future accurately. However, the team behind the Project has collectively experienced enough to make it work.

The founder of BLAZAR, John DeSalvo, Said, "We're looking forward to providing this exciting new technology that will help millions of people around the world protect their futures and retire with dignity. Our team has been working on this technology from the ground up with a diverse group of people over the past year--and we're proud to introduce its Initial token offering starting from 1st December 2021."

He also added, "Over the past few years, we've noticed a problem in the pensions industry. Pension plans have been stretched thin by a combination of factors, including low-interest rates and increased life expectancies. This has led to a situation where assets do not meet liabilities for pension plans across the country. In addition, too many financial institutions are taking advantage of small businesses looking to invest their retirement funds--and making a killing off hidden fees and outdated technology."

Since BLAZAR is a decentralized token, so it eliminates the need for a centralized third party to manage investments in the token and fix the transparency issues.

The token is built on the Ethereum network (Open-Source decentralized network) and will first be listed on the UniSwap.

While talking about the Project's Uniqueness and Innovative features, Kate Adams ( BLAZAR marketing manager said, "We are excited by this new moment in history where people around the world have access to financial services that were once reserved for a privileged few, BLAZAR provides a means for each and every human being to protect their financial future, regardless of income or education level. We live in a globalized world where you can be sitting across from someone who has never touched a computer before--and investing with them is as easy as sending an email. The barriers to entry have been abolished, and BLAZAR is going to be a huge part of making this happen."

She also added, "Some of you might be concerned by the high gas fees and network conjunction on the Ethereum network today, but please be assured that Ethereum 2.0 and its promise of decreased costs and quick transaction speeds are right around the corner. For starters, those who are interested in Investing in BLAZAR can deposit their money from their bank account and place it in their own personal ERC-2O Wallet. The Wallet then uses automated purchasing software to acquire the dollar equivalent in BLAZAR tokens. The BLAZAR token can also be purchased using your online banking bill payment, debit, or credit card through an automated clearing house (ACH)."

By allowing investors to make these buying choices, In my opinion, BLAZAR protects token holders' investments by keeping them more steady than other coins. This promise of cash arrival will help the utility token flourish in the future.

The developer's team also mentioned in BLAZAR WhitePaper that "When trading begins, BLAZAR will burn 10% of each trade's total supply as token destruction. Half of them will be "burned" or removed permanently from the overall amount. The other half will be returned to people who keep their BLAZAR tokens in an ERC20 wallet. This assures investors that the token has a true presence in the world economy, and it will grow more valuable over time."
This is something most of the Project miss out on. If we take the example of BNB, and even Ethereum will have a burning system with each transaction after layer 2.0 Transaction.

Once the complete supply of tokens has been put into circulation, The token will undoubtedly experience rapid growth. It won't be easy to achieve, and a lot of hurdles will come. But this is achievable because the team behind the Project is quite experienced and passionate about the project success. So we can assume that BLAZAR has a lot of future potentials to grow.


Contact Info:
Name: John DeSalvo
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Organization: Blazar Token

Release ID: 89054736