Blake Hawkins Turns Trials Into Successful Experiences and a Real Estate Investment Company

While Blake Hawkins’ life may have started out rough, he used those bumps in the road as inspiration to smooth out his future.

The life of Blake Hawkins may seem ideal now, but it did not start out that way. He was born to very young parents. His mother was only 16 and his father only 15. They all went through learning the ins and outs of life at the same time. While Blake always felt the love and support to reach for more from his parents and grandparents, it took a few missteps for him to put that support into practice and see where life would really take him.

For a five-year span, Blake lost himself and those he loved most. He spent much of that time battling the losses of his friends and security, and also fighting for his life under an addiction. Once he came out the other side of that ordeal, he had a totally new perspective on life. He was determined to free himself and provide a new way for those around him to become free as well. That is when Freedom Hawk was born.

Since he came out of his spiral, @FreedomHawk_ put his time and energy into growing a business that he and his family could thrive off of. He first went into the fitness industry since he loves fitness so much, but once he found the real estate investment business, his passion exploded. He now mentors others as part of Freedom Hawk and feels as though God is using him to help improve the lives of everyone around him.

He has three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs that want to follow in his footsteps. First, connect with people who have attained your goals and try and move past your current situation. Second, find your destiny, then work to make it your reality. Finally, seek out ways of becoming free in all facets of your life. This will allow the best parts of life to make themselves known and more accessible.

About Blake Hawkins: Blake Hawkins is a mentor, father, son, and loving member of a supportive family. His son is his reason for getting up each day and the reason he pours himself into his business so thoroughly. To find out more about Blake and his successes, visit @FreedomHawk_ today.

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