Blake Brossman - of PetCareRx - Highlights the Importance of a Comprehensive Approach to Pet Health

People are prioritizing eco-friendly lifestyles, physical activity, moderation in consumption, and a focus on positivity.

People have long recognized that a long and healthy life is the outcome of sustained efforts to improve both physical and mental wellness. In recent decades, this approach has been gaining solid ground among pet owners as well, with the vast majority of them coming to realize that their animal companions need more than regular meals and exercise. “Scientific discoveries and advances in medicine are increasingly supporting the case for a comprehensive approach to pet health, strongly indicating that what applies to people is equally valid in the case of animals,” says Blake Brossman, founder and CEO of PetCareRx.“Not only have pet owners become far more discerning with regard to pet food, but they are also paying great attention to the overall condition of their furry (or otherwise) companions. This includes taking special care of the emotional well-being of pets and embracing systems for their mental stimulation.”

With growing awareness about environmental issues and the need to maintain a balance in both private and public matters, people are prioritizing eco-friendly lifestyles, physical activity, moderation in consumption, and a focus on positivity. These considerations are now being applied to animal companions as more pet owners realize the importance of an integrated approach to care. “The shift to food with organic ingredients has been accelerating for quite some time, but pet owners are also demanding natural solutions across the board,” Blake Brossman comments. “This includes dental care products, supplements, toys, and various accessories. Their demand is in turn driven by the realization that all aspects of a pet’s life play an important role in its health.”

Aside from ensuring a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, pet owners should also consider the mental and emotional well-being of their animal companions, Blake Brossman notes, adding that nutrition and phyal activity are as essential as keeping pets stress-free and intellectually stimulated. In recognition of this importance, the pet care industry is constantly innovating, coming up with products and services that address the issues of stress and anxiety. Aside from food containing ingredients that promote calm, pet owners have choices such as supplements, spa centers, and massage parlors. Ultimately, a virtuous cycle has been created as growing awareness about the need for a comprehensive approach to pet health spurs innovation and provides pet owners with all the solutions they need to ensure that the animal members of the family are of sound body and mind.

Despite his background in public relations, advertising, and applied communication, Blake Brossman chose to devote himself to the pet care business in honor of his beloved Rottweiler Lou, whom he lost to cancer. In 1998, the retail industry veteran launched PetCareRx, building the company into a premier U.S. provider of nutritional and pharmaceutical products for pets. Committed to offering quality goods at affordable prices, the online store carries prescription and non-prescription medicines, pet accessories and apparel, cleaning and grooming products, toys, furniture, travel and outdoor gear, and training aids. PetCareRx also maintains an in-house team of specialists to advise customers on pet nutrition, health, and wellness and help them connect with local service providers.

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