Blair Stover Offers Tips for Startup Business Success

Blair Stover is an experienced tax attorney who offers consulting services for corporate acquisitions as well as mergers.

St. Joseph, Missouri—Blair Stover, on LinkedIn at Blair Stover, has been helping companies successfully execute mergers and acquisitions for years, and has collected a vast deal of knowledge and experience in avoiding common pitfalls of the process. Blair Stover at offers businesses the opportunity to take advantage of beneficial purchases without the costly and time-consuming mistakes so common in the field of acquisitions or mergers. Blair Stover, on Facebook at Blair Stover, has built a reputation for successfully preparing owners for sale or purchase of a business. Now, Blair Stover offers his expertise with tips for startup business success.

According to Blair Stover, author of a recent article on car-sharing at, five things a startup business owner should always do are:

• Stay centered and focused. A focused brand and action plan lend themselves to goal setting, while an unfocused desire to start a business may end in disaster.

• Immediately begin giving back. Make it a habit to start giving back to the community the day the doors open. Not only does this build a good company reputation but also helps owners network successfully.

• Connect with other brands. Always try to connect with businesses that complement the brand and product being sold by a new company.

• Create influence. Creating influence is not simple but it is well worth the effort. Seek out endorsements, engage in activities that connect to the brand profile and stake personal reputation on the outcomes.

• Be consistent. Consistency is one of the most prized qualities of any product or service by those who use it.

Business owners who need advice on mergers, acquisitions or sales can turn to the expertise of Blair Stover with the confident expectation that they will receive sound, workable solutions to their business sale or purchase issues.

About Blair Stover: Blair Stover holds a Doctorate from the University of Missouri at Kansas City Law School, a master's degree from Northwest Missouri State University in Finance and a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management from Missouri Western College. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Missouri Bar Association and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

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