Blackrocksdao Provides Its Users an Opportunity to Earn Income by Minting and Staking

Blackrocksdao is a forked version of Olympus DAO that runs directly on top of Avalanche. Bond-and-stake will be used by Blackrocksdao to raise capital and grow the token supply. Blackrocksdao also invests Treasury funds into various strategies, providing more backing for $BR.

Blackrocksdao company's smart contracts are substantially identical to Olympus Dao contracts, which a large community has audited.

In order to raise funds and expand the token supply, Blackrocksdao uses a bond-and-stake functionality. Users can utilize the feature to hold their BR tokens and stake them on the website to get rewards from the bonds sales. However, the rewards can vary depending on the number of BR staked and the reward rate set by the monetary policy.

The Staking method used by Blackrocksdao is simple. Blackrocksdao's primary strategy for accruing value is staking. Rebase rewards are earned by stakers using the Blackrocksdao app-website. Depending on the number of $BR staked and the reward rate set by monetary policy, rebase rewards can vary depending on the proceeds from bond sales.

The staking strategy is passive, long-term. A steadily falling cost basis results from an increase in user’s stake in BR. Given a long enough staking period, even if the market price of BR drops below your original purchase price, the staked BR balance should eventually outpace the decrease in price.

Staking locks the BR and gives users an equal amount of sBR. At the end of each epoch, the sBR balance is automatically rebased. The sBR protocol supports transferability and composability with other DeFi protocols.

Unstaking burns sBR and gives users‘s BR in equal amounts. Users who unstake will forfeit their upcoming rebase rewards. There will be no forfeit of reward for staked BRs; any remaining staked BRs (if any) will receive rebase rewards
The miner strategy of Blackrocksdao is to accrue secondary value. Users buy bonds from the protocol when they mint BR tokens. They are, in effect selling their assets. A minting action is like an option, a futures contract, and a fixed income product all rolled into one. Miners are quoted terms for transactions to be carried out at a future date through the protocol.

These terms specify the amount of BRs that will be minted by the minter and the date by which vesting will occur. Bonds become redeemable as they vest. After two days into a 5-day term, 40% of the rewards can be redeemed.

The strategy of mining is active and short-term. Mint discounts are more or less unpredictable as a result of the price discovery mechanism of the secondary bond market. Therefore, minting is considered a more active investment strategy, which needs to be constantly monitored in order to be more profitable than staking.

Blackrocksdao can accumulate liquidity by allowing users to buy bonds through Minting. This is known as our Liquidity Pool. More POL ensures that our trading pools always maintain lock-in liquidity to help facilitate market operations and protect token holders. As Blackrocksdao takes its own market, on top of the additional certainty for BR investors, our treasury grows as the protocol accrues LP rewards and revenue.

At Blackrocksdao, they believe that minting is a better way to describe the actions users take when they purchase BR with different assets. By visiting the "Mint" page of the website, the users will be able to mint BR tokens, effectively selling your assets for discounted BR tokens. Minting Actions are the same as Bond Purchases on Olympus DAO, despite the name difference!

Blackrocksdao has made investments in new and promising protocols to improve rewards for the BR community. The BR's treasury growth will substantially benefit each BR token holder and investor. The platform has set a limit of 1,200,000 BR tokens in circulation. The more people who stake and mint the token, the greater the supply will rise.

Blackrocksdao is pleased to announce the distribution of fair-launch BR tokens to the community on a first-come, first-served basis. BR users will be able to earn more income through staking and minting due to the launch.

Users can visit the website or follow $BR on Twitter, Telegram, Discord

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