Blackminer Celebrate Easter For Cryptocurrency Fans

Some signs of market recovery appeared before this Easter in cryptocurrency world, which may be good news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Some signs of market recovery appeared before this Easter in cryptocurrency world, which may be good news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Especially after the price of Bitcoin broke through $5,000, many people think that the bear market is gradually over.

As we can see, the price of BTC has broken through $5000 and the prices of many altcoins also have risen a lot compared to that one month ago although the prices are fluctuating all the time. Many cryptocurrency veterans have a positive view and they believe that the price of BTC will be oscillating in the position of more than $5,000 , and the prices of other altcoins are also rising with fluctuation.

After experiencing a large fluctuation in the prices of coins, it is believed that many cryptocurrency enthusiasts will no longer be as scared as at the end of last year. The global market leader Lili from Blackminer, an industry-leading multinational FPGA mining machine manufacturer, tells us some useful details about their recent sales situation, which indicates that the current market is better now than before. She says that people who have complained about the ROI in the discord group have also begun to order many FPGA miners in the past month. Lili also says that Blackminer will carry out a high-profit promotion during this Easter period and the price can be reduced by up to $500 per miner. Undoubtedly, this is good news for cryptocurreny enthusiasts, and also gives them great confidence and support.

It is worried that a large number of FPGA miners will increase the competition threshold. Lili says that Blackminer, as a leader in the FPGA industry, has been working to maintain the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. The Blackminer team puts algorithm development and hardware development at the same important place. She says that the number of algorithm developers is as many as the number of hardware developers. At present, the Blackminer F1 series of miners have supported more than 30 coins and are still developing at a speed of 9.5 days to release a new algorithm. The rapid development of algorithms for coins means that miners can be effectively dispersed, which can avoid all miners concentrating on one or several coins. Lili also says that Blackminer will never do hegemonic damage to coin teams and the industry like Asic miners. She emphasizes that Blackminer's goal is to boost the coin team and serve individual miners. Lili hopes to make some efforts to revitalize the industry through promotion during Easter and make this Easter a cryptocurrency Easter.

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