Blackbora Aspires to build best Phone Cases in India

Blackbora's Co-Founder talks about how he and his team of passionate engineers and designers are trying to serve Indian audience with best mobile covers.

Whether it’s for fashion or function, everyone loves a good phone case. Phone cases go way back to when we started having smartphones with a large touchscreen at the front, big camera lenses at the back, encased inside a metal body. The phones became remarkably expensive and keeping them safe was the only option. Many brands grappled to get the highest market share of this upcoming industry.

A lot of founders believe that you need to have access to capital to get started or to have a unique idea is a precursor to success. Sure, it’s what most successful start-ups have in common but for Ankit Batra, it wasn’t a prerequisite, especially at the early stages of Blackbora, back in 2016. Blackbora.

Blackbora might’ve been young and scrappy, to begin with, but it started getting some traction as the first year had passed.
Given the zero business experience of Ankit and his other co-founders, they were still able to leverage their understanding of Social Media and bring in sales. In addition to this, they also started calling almost each of their customers asking about feedback and points of improvement. While it might seem intrusive, the customers were actually pleasantly surprised and would mostly come back for another purchase.

To help illustrate how BlackBora got started without a ‘seed round’, Ankit explains, “We had to do a lot of running around ourselves in the beginning. Next came the website, digital marketing, automating a lot of the business processes which might seem next-gen to any regular business owner, sometimes designing the products ourselves.“

BlackBora is a place where one can find the most essentials of mobile phone accessories – products like designer phone cases and pop holders for almost all of the smartphone brands.

But what about the premium brands like Apple?
'Well Blackbora caters to the iPhone owners too and their recent designer iPhone 11 Back Covers have been a hit with our long term customers who have now switched to Apple.

Blackbora is usually the first brand in India to release phone covers for newly launched smartphones, and therefore have the biggest collection of smartphone covers:

Once Blackbora’s phone covers started selling, they added more categories to their offerings. So now, you can shop for t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, socks, beer mugs, bags, earrings, posters and a host of other merchandise.
What is different with BlackBora is that you can customize anything you buy so that all the accessories you place on your desk match each other. You can even choose from collections ready-made on the website based on their most popular art ideas – pandas, cats, dogs, quotes, superheroes and famous quotes.

Mobile Cases can be bought on a minimum budget using the ever running offers, but you are spoilt for choice. Cases are made out of durable polycarbonate while having a compact profile and being light to hold. Cute designs such as panda, cats, and dogs are the most popular ones on their store.

In fact, Blackbora has been designed in a way that you can buy, sell, and customize any merchandise you like. Pretty soon, Ankit wants to be able to help people with customization of other devices or objects they own – like laptop and laptop accessories, coasters, mugs, and t-shirts.

Today, Blackbora works with a small but wonderfully talented team of designers, marketers, and advertisers and customer support - small, but ‘efficient’.

Blackbora tries to stay at the forefront when it comes to design and innovation. Our team has already started working on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Back Covers .Infact the launch the Blackbora cases will coincide with the launch of the phone next year.

As Rajat, chief product designer of Blackbora says, 'Blackbora has been experimenting with a lot of materials for their cases and different types of printing technologies recently. Some printing technologies are quite popular in western markets but bringing them is a challenge in India. Which means, there lies a challenge ahead for Blackbora to constantly experiment with newer technologies and see what can be implemented in India.'

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