BizTalkRadio Now Airing The Win. with Heather Havenwood

BizTalkRadio announces The Win. with Heather Havenwood to begin airing in January 2017.

BizTalkRadio is pleased to announce the addition of ‘The Win. with Heather Havenwood’, beginning Thursday nights at 7:00pm in January. Heather Ann Havenwood is a serial entrepreneur and regarded as a top authority on Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and Online Publishing Business Strategies. She has been named Top 50 Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs for 2017 by the Huffington Post.

“I am truly excited about the future and teaming up with BizTalkRadio in 2017. I will be continuing to advocate, educate and empower all business owners and entrepreneurs to get started, expand themselves and to dream big. Now is the time to get back to work, to build and give hope to the American dream again”, said Heather.

Heather Ann is the radio show host of ‘The Win.’ where she shares her incredible story of success and loss as an entrepreneur, and explains her true happiness in a completely compelling and vulnerable way that audiences can relate to and always learn from. She talks about achieving ‘The Winners Edge,’ from ‘losing it all’ and discovering her true passion in owning her many online and brick and mortar businesses in Austin, TX. She brings in experts, advocates and inspiring stories where she packages this in a way that has the listener engrossed and left feeling inspired.

For more information on ‘The Win.’ and any other shows on BizTalkRadio, contact Kelly Kantz, VP of Programming at or 855.462.4988 x721.

For more information about Heather  Havenwood visit

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