Bityaris Announces the Launch of Innovative Crypto Exchange

With an innovative vision to decentralize the blockchain space and build a world-class crypto exchange, Bityaris, bringing together the world’s best brains in the crypto-space announces the launch of its highly anticipated, self-reliant cryptocurrency exchange platform which will feature a broad array of functionalities.

With an innovative vision to decentralize the blockchain space and build a world-class crypto exchange, Bityaris, bringing together the world’s best brains in the crypto-space announces the launch of its highly anticipated, self-reliant cryptocurrency exchange platform which will feature a broad array of functionalities. The official launch date of Bityaris Decentralized Exchange is 24th October 2018. The new exchange platform aims to decentralize the crypto exchanges, address the existing challenges within the crypto space and provide multiple crypto-based products and services all under one roof.

At present, Bityaris will provide a crypto-based platform for users to access the crypto markets and trade in over 150 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the Bityaris Exchange also features its leverage trading platform where users will be allowed to take highly leveraged positions to the tune of 450:1 from a broad category of financial instruments described below:

- Commodities Trading Platform, where users will be allowed to trade in commodity products such as Metals, Bullion, Agro Commodities and Energy products.

- Forex Trading Platform, for users, to seamlessly access the Fiat markets and trade in global currencies such as Euro, US Dollar, Pound, Yen, South African Rand, Philippine Peso and so forth.

- Contract for Difference, a popular form of derivative trading where clients can speculate from the market volatility of various financial instruments available on Bityaris platform including cryptocurrencies, commodities and Forex instruments.

The Bityaris Exchange is a fully self-regulated platform having incorporated advanced measures of KYC and AML procedures. It supports an incredible speed of over 100,000 transactions per second with a state-of-the-art matching algorithm that ensures a quick and efficient order matching system with high executions speeds making it one of the fastest exchange platforms available in the crypto verse.

Prior to the launch of the Bityaris Crypto-Exchange platform, Mr. Aamir Jamal, Executive Officer at UAE Division commented "We're extremely thrilled to bring our comprehensive, self- reliant crypto-exchange platform in the crypto verse. The architecture of Bityaris Exchange has been meticulously designed for users to access crypto markets in a highly secure environment smoothly. With the rising interest in the crypto-assets, our platform has the capabilities to provide multiple opportunities to its users and trade professionals."

Adding further on the upcoming features that the exchange would provide, he continued "Bityaris is a comprehensive cryptocurrency platform that while allowing its users to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies, will also allow individuals and crypto enthusiasts to build their secure Coins among many other exciting upcoming features. Our exchange would grow from offering security and performance to a fully established crypto-network by using operational efficiencies that will have the potential to disrupt the traditional exchanges while providing functionality in multiple markets."

Bityaris will launch its crypto – Coin Bityaris Coin (BYR) that will be used to buy/sell cryptocurrencies on its exchange platform while users will also need the Coin as a mode of payment for the exchange service fees among others. Additionally, the cryptocurrencies will also be paired with Bitcoin and Ethereum for users to trade in cryptocurrencies. A highly secure platform, Bityaris ensures a state-of-the-art infrastructure to maintain the integrity of its platform and promises its clients with uninterrupted 24x7 exchange services for users to trade seamlessly across the exchange platforms. Additionally, Bityaris does not plan to bring an ICO for its Coin, and as such, users can directly purchase the BYR coin directly from the Bityaris Exchange.
Apart from the financial markets and a unique crypto-exchange platform, Bityaris will also launch a cryptocurrency-based casino and online portal for games where gamers can get involved in betting and playing various games ranging from Roulette, Teen Patti, Rummy, Tic Tac Toe, Tombola, Guess the Number (Luck) and so forth.

A fantastic platform and a unique crypto-friendly investment platform, the Bityaris Exchange aims to become a universal marketplace for multiple crypto-based products and services. By 2019, Bityaris seeks to launch a host of crypto-based products and services that include but not limited to a Coin and Coin Development Platform, ICO Marketing Platform, Crypto Social Media, WhatsGram, Crypto-Based Escrow Services, Peer to Peer transactions, crypto to crypto pairing, Crypto-Lending Platform, Dealers Desk, Sports Book and a unique crypto-based payment gateway service. Apart from such state-of-the-art crypto services, Bityaris users will also be able to use functions in exchange of digital assets for the following:

- Buy cars with their digital assets

- Invest in properties and real estate

- Make payments for holiday packages and tours

- Make payments for business consultancy services

- Remit funds

- Pay for the fees of application of citizenship for countries where cryptocurrencies are considered a valid mode of payment

Bityaris users can process their payments using their crypto funds to purchase, invest or use the products and services mentioned above. Such world-class services will potentially eliminate excessive charges on cross-border transactions while making the process of fund transfers smooth and highly secure, reducing the use of Fiat currencies in its entirety.

Bityaris believes in relentlessly pursuing the community expectations and exceeding them by providing world-class blockchain services to the extent that the platform can touch their daily lives while bringing awareness about the importance of such digital assets. The new exchange will be a flagship product of Bityaris, and with a further addition in its products and services, Bityaris holds the potential to become a next-generation blockchain based financial institution that will incorporate efficient technologies and enable mass crypto-adoption while laying the foundation of growth within the crypto industry.

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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading/investing involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of cryptocurrencies may fluctuate, and, as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. The impact of seasonal and geopolitical events is factored into market prices.

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