Bitrise Coin Liquidity Grows by +900% in 3 Weeks, Making It the Fastest Growing Crypto

There has been an influx of new members joining Bitrise crypto coin. In the last few weeks, thou-sands of new crypto investors have been buying Bitrise tokens.

Cryptocurrency's growth can be assessed in many ways. One of them is the growth of liquidity since it depicts how investors are buying the available tokens. The coin's liquidity grew from a low of 100k to +900k, which is a +900% growth in just three weeks.

The newly launched Bitrise coin is making waves in the crypto industry with its unique features. There are a lot of activities that have been going around the Bitrise crypto coin over the last two months. More and more investors are interested in this coin, and the previous three weeks have been the perfect time to invest in the Bitterness coin. The thousands of Safemoon and Shiba Inu community members join Bitrise coin every day.

Bitrise crypto coin tokenomics have played a critical role in attracting a considerable number of new members. This is a hyper-deflationary token, and thus token demand and price will automat-ically increase with every transaction. The token uses a buyback technique to reduce tokens in circulation.

To regulate tokens in supply, Bitrise has automated the buyback and burning process. This makes it the first cryptocurrency to include automatic buyback with an actual use case of payment sys-tems.

Every 5% of the 12% fee charged on every sell transaction goes to the buyback contract. The contract then automatically buys tokens from the liquidity pool, and the purchased tokens are burnt immediately. That's how token liquidity is regulated.

The BNB tokens stipulated on tokenomics are also attracting new members. 4% of the 12% fee is distributed to the token holders in BNBs. The rewards get automatically sent to token holder wallets every 60 minutes. Most investors find this exciting because they have always been forced to request reflections. There are upgrades on the way for the rewards system, which will mean zero gas fees to receive BNB rewards and stopping rewards going to the burn wallet.

The products launched by the team so far have also played a critical role in attracting new inves-tors. The Bitrise dApp wallets are products bringing in many new members because of their un-matched functionalities.

Bitrise Audits and Techrate Audit, launched in August, have been performing very well. Though still in the development stage, Bitrise crypto exchange and IBitrise blockchain create traction around Bitrise crypto coins.

It is important to note that apart from the dApp wallet, the announcement of the staking process has indirectly contributed to the growth of Bitrise coin liquidity. More investors are buying the token in bulk for the staking process.

Crypto coin experts believe the token liquidity will soon hit the $1m market cap after the launch of the revenue sharing staking program. It will be interesting to watch how Bitrise crypto coin liquidity will behave on its website before and after the launch of the staking process. Staking is expected to return 80% APY and is a major drawcard of the Bitrise ecosystem.

The coin has garnered over 57,000 holders in less than 4 months, which will only continue to grow with the full product suite set to come online in the near future. In

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