Bitget Announced Its Market Data Access to TradingView

World’s top derivatives exchange Bitget announced that the platform has now completed chart data docking with TradingView, a world-renowned market analysis community platform.

World’s top derivatives exchange Bitget announced that the platform has now completed chart data docking with TradingView, a world-renowned market analysis community platform. Bitget users will be able to check the trading charts of all Bitget contract trading pairs on TradingView.

Bitget's biggest advantages being well known was its powerful user experience. After the transaction data get connected to TradingView, platform users will be greatly enhanced on their trading experiences. Users will only need to enter the name of the digital currency in the search bar from TradingView and select Bitget exchange on the right to access or track the contract market movement of the currency.

As one of the world's largest online trading community platforms, TradingView has tens of millions of active users sharing trading information every month. Bitget users can also grasp the real-time trading information and share in its community. At present, leading exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, OKex have all connected their data TradingView.

In collaboration with Bitget market data access, Tradingview has conducted a long-term compliance review on Bitget’s qualifications. In addition to verify registration information, company management, and data authenticity, Tradingview also requires digital currency business owner to be regulated with their countries or regions laws and such as apply for regulatory licenses. It can be said that TradingView is extremely cautious in listing the exchange market, which also guarantees the compliance of Bitget's operations.

It is reported that the TradingView technical analysis chart can provide more than 100 popular indicators and 50 smart drawing tools or more. Professional icon displays and powerful alarm features can better assist users in tradings which is a great help for beginners of contract trading. It is more intuitive to view through clear icons, which can reduce the problem of information asymmetry with professional trading users. This also coincides with Bitget's earlier mission of "serving variety of users".

Bitget is always committed to serving users better. In the second half of last year, the platform fully opened up APIs and continued to enrich trading tools, such as introducing professional API supporting system CCXT, and professional quantitative trading tools such as Gunbot, Aotoview, FMZ, SiriusTrader. Since the beginning of this year, Bitget has launched a Quanto swap contract, enriching the variety of contracts; open up a global channel to purchase digital currency with fiat, providing convenience for more new users entering the crypto space.

In particular, the Quanto swap contract launched at the beginning of this year has changed the traditional concept of Inverse contract which relies on specific digital currency to perform tradings. Any single currency can be used as a margin for multiple trading pairs at the same time, saving the hassle to exchange between digital currency. In the process of trading, the user execution is extremely simple, It’s extremely easy finish the whole trading, avoid the costs taken place during the swap of coin, and also benefit the new users when they just start their journey in the crypto world.

As a leading derivative exchange, Bitget currently supports 4 different categories of contracts such as Inverse contract, USDT contract, Unified USDT contract, Quanto swap contract. There are as many as 24 tradable currencies, covering mainstream and popular currencies, with a maximum leverage of 125 times. Data shows that Bitget has provided transaction trading services to more than 1.2 million users worldwide, with a maximum daily trading volume of 5 billion U.S. dollars.

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