Bitcoin Exchange HitBTC Opens Second Open Voting Challenge For Aspiring Cryptocurrencies

Innovative Bitcoin exchange HitBTC opens their second open voting challenge allowing the community to choose the next cryptocurrency to be added to the exchange. The first round winner was popular altcoin Dogecoin.

Bitcoin exchange HitBTC, launched in February 2014 features comprehensive trading software which replicates the features of world-renowned exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE. The exchange is now hosting their second open voting challenge allowing the community to choose the next cryptocurrency to be added to the exchange. The democratic voting process allows the majority to decide which currency that deserves to be traded among the most popular digital currencies on the market.

To vote users simply go to, find their favorite currencies on the list and click the vote button featured on the side. The voting doesn’t exclude non-members, so everyone is free to participate Currently the list offers a wide range of new currencies to promote like the increasingly popular NXT and Darkcoin. If an alt coin is not one of the 110 coins on the list HitBTC also encourages anyone to nominate a coin by clicking the “Suggest currency” button.

The first round winner was Dogecoin, showing its increasing popularity with more than 15 000 votes outnumbering the 2nd challenger with almost twice the votes. Dogecoins are successfully added to and the voting continues to see which alt coin gets to join DOGE on HitBTC’s Bitcoin exchange platform.

Dogecoin enthusiasts who sign up to HitBTC before July 20th 2014, will receive a 0% fee on all trades made in DOGE for a duration of 1 month. This will be extended another 2 months, for a total of 3 months 0% fee DOGE trading; as long as the customer makes at least one trade on HitBTC’s platform during the first month.

The user-friendly exchange platform HitBTC brings cutting-edge technology to the Bitcoin ecosystem. The site features four types of orders; market, limit, stop and stop limit as well as a verity of popular trading pairs like BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, LTC/USD, DOGE/BTC and many others. HitBTC offers low fees with free Bitcoin transfers, minimal delays tributed to ground breaking technology placing and matching orders in milliseconds and flexible payment validation resulting in fast payments; making the site ideal for both experienced and novice Bitcoin traders.

The exchange ensures users a secure trading experience with implemented SSL protection, state of the art cryptography, passes FIPS validation, is fully compliant with AML guidelines and enables use of Google Authenticator for two-step verification and offers 24/7 customer service. HitBTC is also accessible for algorithmic traders and features a constantly updated news-feed ticker. The cryptocurrency community can expect to see many new features introduced in the near future such as responsive desktop and mobile trading applications for iPhone and Android, and additional language choices such as French, Chinese, Spanish and German to support the expanding crypto community.

With its industry grade Bitcoin trading platform analogous to the NYSE, 24/7 customer service, 0% fee trading for DOGE fans, and plans for mobile cryptocurrency trading in the near future – HitBTC is quickly establishing itself as one of the premier online cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is not hard to see why many cryptocurrencies are currently vying to get listed on HitBTC’s exchange platform, through its democratic voting process.

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