Bitcoin Diamonds Official Website Launched for Making Mining Functions Faster

The official website of BCD with big block and Segwit was launched. Its open source code was uploaded to Github.

The online development team of BCD launched the official website, adding that the miners would be able to download the source code for safe mining from Github. With the launch of the Black Diamonds official website, the developers believe that the mining functions would be faster and simpler.

“Bitcoin Diamond achieved great success after eight years of development, but at the same time some problems arose. Bitcoin Diamond was not the bitcoin competitor, but rather a better bitcoin. Bitcoins tended to move towards value storage, while Bitcoin Diamond is dedicated to making more people understand and use”, one of the developers said.

He added that by adding the function of encrypting the transfer amount, BCD protects the participants' trading privacy and makes the whole transaction safer and more private. “BCD will mention the size of the unit block to 8M and supports each block size as a dynamic value, more flexible to deal with all the transactions in each block. In addition to that, it will reduce the transfer renewals and user participation threshold, to a certain extent, reduce the cost and threshold of user participation too. The expensive renewal fee has been diluted, and the user can get fewer renewals to complete a transaction, making it easier for more users to participate in BCD trading activities”, he added.

While speaking about the BCD replay attack protection, the developer said, “A replay attack means that if a transaction is valid in BTC then it will also take effect in the BTC fork chain because most of their algorithms are the same. In order to prevent this replay attack, Bitcoin Diamond changed the transaction format of BTC and BCD slightly to prevent this replay transaction. BCD did not accept the transaction of BTC and really got its independence from BTC.”

“Also, block information is divided into transaction information and witness information. The transaction information is that someone at some time with a certain amount of money. The witness information is the reliability of a node in serious transaction information at some time”, he added while speaking to the press at the stroke of midnight hour when the BCD blockchain went live.

About the Company

Bitcoin Diamond is a fork of Bitcoin which is considered as a better form of digital currency. Moreover, over 35 top exchanges will add withdraw and deposit function to BCD.

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