Bitcoin and Digital Currency Exchange mcxNOW Gives 75% of Trading Profits Back to Traders

Understanding that the digital currency speculation industry is going to continue to become more and more competitive, the mcxNOW exchange is attracting digital currency traders by giving them what they want most – more digital currency.

A revolutionary example of how digital currencies are starting to change the ethos of the finance industry is the highly innovative digital currency trading platform; supporting the trading of Litecoin, Primecoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin, Mincoin, Solidcoin, Devcoin, Worldcoin and Copperlark – for Bitcoin. In a world first, mcxNOW cycles 75% of its revenue back into its traders’ digital currency wallets; including 25% of the profits given to all traders who have a positive digital currency balance on the platform.

Every six hours, 25% of all fees generated by the exchange are distributed to all users who have a positive digital currency balance at mcxNOW. Users do not have to trade to earn interest. Open order amounts count towards a trader’s total balance, so they are free to place orders and still earn interest on their total currency balances. Currently, the only requirement is for traders to hold a balance at the time of interest payments

Additionally, another 50% of the trading platform’s fee revenues are available to investors. Known as mcxFEEs, each share pays out 0.001% of all revenues generated on the exchange daily; these mcxFEEs are traded on the exchange for Bitcoin just like the other digital currencies on offer. mcxNOW is the first digital currency exchange to integrate profit sharing in such an innovative manner.

The digital currency exchange platform has been created by the developer of MicroCash, a next generation cryptocurrency that aims to improve upon Bitcoin, while simultaneously increasing its value. The developer is a digital currency enthusiast who has more than two years of Bitcoin development experience.

mcxNOW is coded in C++; featuring a well designed binary trading engine coded in the same programming language used for the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange has been designed to be as secure as possible and features 3 tier networking – wallets are kept on one server, the exchange engine is on another server, and internet gateways are on a third server. The exchange can only be accessed on a private intranet by the internet gateways and the wallet server can only be accessed by the exchange engine. The exchange’s custom-built database, which cannot be accessed from the Internet, is encrypted with AES256 bits on disk and is automatically backed up multiple times per day.

mcxNOW only trades in free and open digital currencies so that it can remain highly innovative and free from the regulation associated with fiat currency. The front page features tickers for Litecoin, PrimeCoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin, MinCoin, SolidCoin, Devcoin, Worldcoin and CopperLark; all of which can be traded for Bitcoin and vice-versa. The exchange will be the first to support the next-generation cryptocurrency MicroCash.

Speed is vital when trading currencies and mcxNOW is designed to process orders as quickly as possible. All trades happen the instant the exchange receives a trader’s command. Unlike other exchanges, no other trades are processed until the previous trades have been completed.

mcxNOW’s custom built clients allow users to trade with their digital currency deposits within 10 to 30 minutes, and all withdrawals are processed automatically within seconds.

With its innovative revenue sharing model, state of the art security, wide range of digital currencies on offer and C++ hand coded platform mcxNOW is a digital currency exchange with a bright future ahead. mcxNOW has set a new standard for digital currency trading, and the exchange invites traders worldwide to get a head-start on the future by opening an account and earning a share of mcxNOW’s profits simply by having a positive digital currency balance on the exchange.

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