Bitcatcha Now Enables People To Compare Their Website Speed Against The World’s Top Sites

Bitcatcha can now enable individuals to instantly compare their server speed against that of the world’s top 10,000 websites.

Server speed is essential in delivering a seamless user experience. This seamless user experience is itself essential to a website that actively generates leads and offers optimum ROI. In an increasingly globalized world, businesses of all scales need to know how fast their server responds to requests worldwide. Fortunately, Bitcatcha is a free to use online tool that enables people to get objective, hard data on the server speed they receive from their hosting provider. Now, users can also put that information into context, by ranking server speed against the top 10,000 sites in the world.

Bitcatcha has recently updated the free server speed test to benchmark the results against the top 10,000 websites on the web. To do this, they harvested the top 10,000 sites ranked by Alexa, and then checked the server response time of every single site. As a result, users of the Bitcatcha speed checker can now speed check their server and compare the results against the world’s top sites.

This allows businesses to see how well their site is performing against the best in the business, and Bitcatcha has published insights as to why this is important. Google ranks sites with fast servers favorably, and business owners should be aiming for response times under 200ms to compete.

The benchmark against the top websites in the world can help inform whether businesses should stick with their current provider, or check out Bitcatcha’s web hosting reviews to switch for superior performance. Their reviews offer both editorial insights and hard data to compare packages and show where people can get the best speed for the best value, with iPage Hosting currently ranked number one in the world.

A spokesperson for Bitcatcha explained, “Bitcatcha is proud to offer an already powerful and essential tool that enables people to examine and improve their server speed. Now more than ever, this tool is invaluable. The competition is fierce and the tolerance for slow load times is getting smaller and smaller – Amazon would lose $1.6 billion dollars a year if their site slowed down by a second. Comparison rankings using the Alexa Top 10,000 will enable businesses to understand their results more easily, and take appropriate action as a result.”

About Bitcatcha: Bitcatcha features a free server speed test tool that website owners and developers can use to check the response speed of their server. The tool pings the server from 8 different locations around the globe and measures how quickly the server responds. The company also use their tools to review web hosting services, combining raw data with real customer experiences. Their blog is regularly updated with tips on how to make websites work harder for business.

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