Bitcatcha Creates New Worldwide Ping Speed Test For Customers To Test Hosting Server Speeds has created a new tool to test, record and report response times from any hosting provider’s sever, helping people make accurate comparisons for informed purchasing decisions.

When registering a domain and buying hosting, many people fail to consider the speed of the server package they will received bundled with their site, and as a result end up with sluggish websites that underperform, losing them customers and audiences. It is difficult to tell before one commits however just how fast a server will be. Bitcatcha offers free to use services to illuminate these murky aspects of consumer decision making, and has created a new Server Speed Checker designed for those attracting worldwide audiences.

Bitcatcha’s new ping tool is publicly available for anyone to test the performance of their website server. The tool pings the server from 8 different locations around the world, recording the response time from each location to show how fast the server can handle requests from around the world.

This is just phase one however. The tool then compares this data to 10 million in-house tested websites, with a long term plan to crunch data from over 115 million domains worldwide. This will give people a clear indication of how fast their site and server is compared to the average for multiple locations, which could change purchasing decisions for entire continents.

A spokesperson for Bitcatcha explained, “Certain server packages are far faster in China than in America, for instance, and we believe people should know that when registering for a website that will primarily be used in America. We believe this will geo-locate consumer decision making to a greater extent and encourage more companies to have data centers in several locations to ensure the best speeds for users. The tool is an invaluable and free insight that effectively helps people try before they buy, and allows us to create an editor-approved list of Recommended Web Hosting which has proven itself according to these objective, real-terms tests.”

About Bitcatcha: Bitcatcha aims to provide all the info needed for users so that they can make better informed purchasing decisions when it comes to web hosting providers. The information provided includes server speed data, uptime record, editor reviews as well as customer interviews. They regularly conduct interviews with current customers to convey the real experience.

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