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After a two-month BTC-based bull market from April 2019, the recent digital currency market has been volatile.

After a two-month BTC-based bull market from April 2019, the recent digital currency market has been volatile. Contracts as financial derivatives full of technical challenges and wind control pressure signed out in the major trading markets. Bit-Z exchange, an established digital currency exchange, recently launched a series of sustainable contracts to meet the diverse needs of users around the world.

Bit-Z perpetuity contract effectively avoids unjustified outages, system sharing and other adverse events existing in expired contracts through "fair price mechanism", "risk fund", "automatic reduction of positions" and other systems.

Fair price mechanism: Bit-Z perpetual contract determines the user's forced liquidation through marking the price (fair price), rather than the trading price in the contract, to prevent malicious manipulation of the market and unnecessary forced liquidation by the user. The marked price is a weighted transaction price based on the external spot market plus a fund cost basis that decreases over time.

Risk fund: when a contract position is forced to close, the closing of the position at the bankruptcy price, if the actual closing average price is better than the bankruptcy price, then the remaining amount (i.e. the less loss portion) will be added to the risk fund; If the marked price breaks through the bankruptcy price, the mandatory liquidation commission is still not digested by the market, then the risk fund is spent to make the mandatory liquidation commission in the market to close the position.

Automatic position reduction mechanism: In the forced closing mechanism, if the risk fund is still not sufficient to digest the strong closing entrustment, enable the automatic position reduction system, from the user holding the reverse position, through the income and leverage to select the top user to force the closing of the position as the counterpart.

Bit-Z contract trading system is complete, and the balance of risk fund is transparent and verifiable. Currently Bit-Z provides BTC, ETH, EOS and other digital currency contract transactions, including forward contract, reverse contract, double-currency contract and other three types, which can be settled by BTC, ETH, USDT, BZ and so on.

Now Bit-Z opens contract broker recruitment to the whole world, and returns commission up to 50%, permanent return commission relationship, enjoy invitation opening award, contract and exchange fee returns commission. Digital currency industry KOL, quantitative trading experts, professional market analysts are invited to join us.

Bit-Z, founded in Hong Kong in 2016, is a world-renowned digital asset trading platform, ranking among the top ten in the world, providing the most professional digital asset and currency trading services to global users. So far, the total number of registered users has exceeded 1.7 million.

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