BillSaverUSA Announces a New Way for Consumers to Save on Their Recurring Bills

With the help of the service, clients learn if they can save money on these expenses. Those who cannot do not pay for the service, reports

According to Credit Donkey, Americans dedicate six percent of their budget to communication services and utilities, including cell phone, internet, and electricity. Often, this is due to hidden fees within these bills that consumers are unaware of. BillSaverUSA inc. works to reduce these fees by negotiating with the company on the consumer's behalf. This is an easy way to save money on bills and one every person and business should consider benefiting from.

"Consumers typically ask how much a service of this type costs, as they believe the savings will be eaten up by the fee charged. We help you save money on cell phone bill, internet, cable and more and only charge 35 percent of the savings achieved with our help. Clients take home the rest. In the event no savings are found, our service is free. You should not have to pay if you don't get anything in return," Charles Forzano, spokesperson for BillSaverUSA, Inc. reports.

Surprisingly, The Huffington Post reported Americans now spend more on technology each month than they do utilities. This is likely due to the number of devices that can now be used with the internet. Although this report is from 2012, the site found that homes with three or more family members had ten or eleven devices connected to the internet. Thanks to smart appliances and other inventions, that number has likely increased.

"People and businesses often purchase more data than they truly need. This is only one example of how a person is spending more than they must on certain bills. We work with clients to find savings and help them save on these expenses each month. Although the savings on one bill may not be a great deal, when all savings are combined together they do add up," Forzano continues.

One concern customers may have is having their service changed without their knowledge. To lower bills online, BillSaverUSA Inc. works with the companies listed by the consumer to find the best deal. If this involves a downgrade in service or contract, however, the customer will be contacted first to determine if this is satisfactory to them. BillSaverUSA inc. never makes decisions such as these without customer approval. All information gathered is strictly confidential, and is never used for any other purpose.

"Although past bills cannot be negotiated, clients find they still benefit greatly from the use of our service. In fact, most customers begin to see the savings in only one bill cycle. Check us out today and start saving your hard-earned money. We are here to help you do so with little effort on your part," Forzano declares.

About BillSaverUSA Inc.:

Consumers often feel like their monthly bills are too high. There are often hidden fees within these bills and here at BillSaverUSA, Inc. the team works to reduce these fees. They will take a look at a client's phone, internet or cable bills, and negotiate with the company servicing the client.

If they are able to save the client money, they receive just 35% of the savings and the client takes home the rest. If they cannot find the client any savings the services are 100% free the client. It's that easy!

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