Billionmaticpage Brings Back Memories Of The Million Dollar Homepage As It Takes NFTs From Web2 To Web3

With the customizations and freedom built into the NFT platform of the Billionmaticpage, users are brought back to the original NFT with the similarities in how they can gain unique digital assets. The ideas and creativity of the Million Dollar Homepage are reflected in Billionmaticpage’s elevated design.

Known by some as the original NFT, the Million Dollar Homepage was a brand-new concept with the release of Web2. The project of college student Alex Tew, this site was intended to help him pay for his college tuition through the creation of a digital asset that numerous people could purchase pieces of. He created a single page of a million pixel blocks and charged $1 for each block. When purchased, the person who now owned this pixel was able to insert whatever image they wanted into it.  

This website began a trend of digital assets, specifically the selling of pixels that eventually became NFTs. The customization of these pixels and the ability people had to change them, creating entirely new assets, was what set the Million Dollar Homepage apart and interested people in purchasing a pixel.  

Billionmaticpage is bringing back a similar concept but in an elevated form that moves this unique customization of digital assets to Web3 and the Blockchain.  

Billionmaticpage’s purpose and elevation of customizable digital assets 

Although purchased occasionally by people who wanted to put a random image in a pixel, many pixel blocks were purchased by companies who put their logos or images into a series of pixels to gain attention. Because these pixels could be linked to a website, the idea of the Million Dollar Homepage helped advertise businesses.  

Billionmaticpage is taking the concept of NFTs to do something similar but in an updated capacity. Utilizing the MATIC cryptocurrency of the platform, anyone with a polygon digital wallet can browse the numerous NFTs for sale on the main page. These blank slots, like with the Million Dollar Homepage, are fully customizable. Unlike how the Million Dollar Homepage had people send images, however, all that customization can be done right on the Billionmaticpage website.  

Once the NFT spot is purchased, companies or users can completely customize it, from the image to the link inside it. It will appear on the Billionmaticpage homepage, just as all of the purchased and compiled pixels were assembled on the Million Dollar Homepage. Owners of those NFT spots can sell their customized NFT or keep it, and all transactions and NFTs that will be made are tracked inside the platform as a history.  


Billionmaticpage has taken a unique idea that sparked a new way of obtaining digital assets and brought it into the Web3 space with NFT additions, crypto, and the Blockchain backing it up. This concept allows companies to purchase a piece of the project to advertise their business uniquely or sell their slot to someone else to keep the project constantly updating and growing.  

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