Bill Lerner – Starts Using Fresh Technology at iPark With Internet Booking

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For iPark using technological advances to simplify parking in New York City, was a step in the direction of comfort for it’s customers.

For a company, it can be difficult to know when to change how its systems work. After meeting the need to service electric vehicles, iPark is continuing to use technology to improve customer experience and operations efficiency. Working in the industry since the outset of his career and seeing the inner business throughout childhood, Bill Lerner has distinctive insight into what drives success for his company.

For iPark using technological advances to simplify parking in New York City, was a step in the direction of comfort for it’s customers. Providing a similar service to hotels and flights, online booking brings familiar devices and applications to parking opportunities in a basic but much needed way. Bill Lerner is committed to advancing a simplified process for experience improvement. Taking lessons of success and growth from the example set by his father, who emphasized quality work and the satisfaction of putting in the time, Lerner developed a product and service that can adapt to social and environmental changes. Lerner describes his father’s entrepreneurial instinct and ability to decipher business trends that would directly affect the market. Being prepared and avoiding conformity are key to business survival. Known for being customer oriented, these values were used in finding amenities in other markets and using technology to maintain high quality service.

In an interview with Leaders Online, Bill Lerner discusses the iPark’s implementation of digital applications for more expedient customer usage. With online booking, the first of its kind for a major parking company, customer satisfaction has soared. The transition to this streamlined approach has proven to be more favorable and has resulted in positive customer benefits. Lerner shares that it is good for the customer because this brings down the rates, there is more competition and there are more discounts. He continues saying that someone from out of town simply can choose one of iPark’s locations, book online, and hit get directions, and the site guides the customer right to the door of the garage. This new experience is driving growth as the expectations increase for ease of use and technological adaptability.

Over the past 20 years, Bill Lerner has served as President and CEO of Imperial Parking Systems (iPark). Managing the roles of successful entrepreneur, dedicated philanthropist and a family man, he has led iPark to become NYC's largest and most community-minded parking company. In 2013, Lerner co-founded Billy4Kids, an organization that provides shoes for children around the world, and has been recognised for his generous philanthropic efforts by St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children and the Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Gala. With nearly 150 facilities, Lerner’s business expertise has placed iPark as the largest family owned garage operator in New York.

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