“Big Data” To Change The Hosting Industry Forever Reports GIGePIPE

Big Data is the next challenge in monetizing the internet and making sense of social media from a business perspective, and requires data transfers of the largest scale, reports GIGePIPE.

Big Data is the aggregation of the masses of data created by social media and online interactions every day. Dealing with Big Data is providing the latest challenge in defining how businesses can leverage information from social media to better target and define their approaches and practices, but making sense of such huge volumes of information is a specialist skill that requires high-powered number crunching on massive data sets. Such jobs are set to expand to 4.4 million by 2015 as the digital information gold rush begins. This will require a new age in hosting, reports GIGePIPE. William Lu, CEO of GIGePIPE commented on the changes required to meet the Big Data explosion, "We've seen where the market is driving towards, and we're determined to meet customer demands with a stable networking, delivering big data solutions. Due to ever increasing quality and size of video files, higher quality images and video conferencing, we're offering our clients more bandwidth at lower costs."

GIGePIPE are bandwidth providers that specialize in allowing for faster data transfer rates than anyone else. They offer an unmetered dedicated server, 1,000 terabyte dedicated hosting, and unbeatable 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps transfer rates. Where most providers offer 100 Mbps port services, GIGePIPE offer 1,000 Mbps and 10,000 Mbps ports for faster data transfers than ever before.

This is fortunate, because Big Data is changing the way businesses interact with one another, and is increasingly essential in informing the insights and innovations businesses use to succeed. It is exposing new revenue opportunities and even creating space for new products and services that deliver based purely on managing interconnectedness, such as the connected car.

George Becerra, Directory of Sales and Marketing for GIGePIPE explained, “Big Data really is the biggest opportunity businesses have seen in a decade, since the web 2.0 boom. In a recent 2009 report, IBM have identified speed as the defining factor in succeeding in this new industry, together with a robust infrastructure to manage and process the exploding volumes of complex, structured data. We provide a single solution to all these needs, giving data scientists the ability to manage their new role with ease. We offer a managed dedicated server, free DDoS and Data Migration and more. Our website contains information, testimonials and the packages we offer and we are confident they provide the ultimate Big Data solutions.”

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Based in Los Angeles, California, but also offering services in Dallas, Texas, Gigepipe is a full service, enterprise level dedicated server hosting provider. Full Service hosting solutions include, enterprise level server hardware, world-class network stability, DDoS Mitigation and bare-metal backup solutions as well as personalized 24/7 customer support.

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