Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Announces Inflatables are Perfect for Festivals

Town festivals need to provide entertainment for all ages and inflatables are ideal for this purpose, reports

Small towns across America hold town festivals every year. For example, the Elkhart Jazz Festival began as in 1988 and had approximately 3,000 visitors. Over the years, the festival has grown to where more than 15,000 people flock to this town every year to listen to the music. reports there are now more than 640 festivals and events held in the state each year. Organizers of these functions need to ensure all visitors are entertained and Big Bounce Fun House Rentals ( can be of help with this.

"Children may not appreciate activities such as jazz music at a young age, and event organizers must take this into consideration when planning the event. By adding a bounce house for the children to play on, organizers will find the whole family enjoys the festival and wants to return the following year for even more fun. The Small Town USA festival planners recognized this fact and ensured there were activities at this festival for the kids, and the same is true of many festivals across the state," Susan Lorimer, spokesperson for Big Bounce Fun House Rentals, explains.

Event planners understand competition is fierce and they must ensure attendees have fun from the moment they arrive until they leave. The inflatables market continues to charge in response to consumer demand, allowing event planners to find the right bounce house, slide or water play area for the crowd they anticipate attending. The fact that they are fun is just an added bonus.

"Parents find, with the help of a bounce house, they can have a moment to sit and relax while their kids are entertained. Adults may also find they want to join in on the fun, depending on the inflatables available. It's a nice change of pace from other event activities, thus every person in charge of a town festival should consider renting one or more of these items," Lorimer states.

Inflatables are a great way for people to let off some energy and have fun while doing so. Before using an inflatable, however, a person needs to ensure they meet the height and weight limits. Furthermore, the inflatable should be used as intended, which means no person should climb up the sides or overload the bounce house or other inflatable. Remove jewelry, shoes and glasses also, as this helps to reduce the risk of injury. Although people should be on hand to supervise those using the inflatable, older children and adults should do their part to use it safely as well. This ensures there are no injuries or other problems.

"People love bounce houses and other inflatables, as they are perfect for all ages, from the newly mobile child to the senior citizen who still likes to play like a child. We offer a variety of products to ensure we meet the needs of all. Be sure to explore our entire lineup today to find the inflatables that are right for your town festival or event," Lorimer declares.

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