Beyond Personalization: Embracing the Next Generation of Email Marketing

As digital communcation evolves, many brands move away from email, which could be a huge mistake

The digital marketing industry is experiencing an unprecedented explosion in digital communication technologies. Slack, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook – the options for communication are virtually endless. While this is true, email, which is viewed as the “dinosaur” or communication remains the most preferred form. According to statistics, it is not just older people who prefer this communication methods. Consumers between the ages of 12 and 17 now use email more often than Facebook and Snapchat. While Snapchat is still experiencing significant growth, the adoption of email is growing even faster.

Email is still the fastest way to build and grow an audience. While this is true, a large number of businesses aren’t doing email right. Statistics show companies are bombarding customers with bland corporate jargon and hope the half-hearted attempts to personalize the message will be effective. Bizop Media and other industry experts agree that now is the time for companies to revolutionize their email marketing efforts.

Email is now omnipresent thanks to Wi-Fi and smartphones. It’s also most consumers way to communicate with brands (winning by a landslide). Up to 73 percent of people have reported that email is their preferred marketing channel, which means it has trumped eight other channels, including phone, messenger apps, face-to-face, online (for example, web banners), text messaging, and social media.

For marketers, the prevalence and ongoing use of email is good news. Email provides an array of advantages over some of the other forms of digital communication. Email newsletters are a rare medium, as these are “opt in,” which means recipients are choosing to sign up and they can choose to unsubscribe at any time. This results in companies avoiding reaching out to individual who never expressed any interest in what the company offers. This saves money, time, and effort. Email also eliminates certain privacy concerns that plague other, newer communication methods.

While some modern companies have embraced personalization, the concept of using customer data for customization body text, greetings, taglines, and delivery schedules hasn’t reached all companies. However, this is a smart tactic, as personalized email campaigns encourage open and click-through rates than the non-personalized campaigns.

The firms that are utilizing personalized email campaigns stop there. However, half of all email marketing efforts that contain nothing more than the basic personalization efforts, which consists of various low-cost tactics, such as following up with the inactive customers.

According to email marketing experts, it’s time for marketing campaigns have to evolve from just personalization to actual humanization. While the personalization efforts are considered unidirectional – with companies talking to the customers – humanization is something that is bi-directional – it’s an ongoing back-and-fort relationship. When effective humanization it’s possible to create an authentic and deep connection with their audience and this is something Bizop Media can help with.

Creating the human touch in emails is an innovative effort that is going to prove to be an effective method for reaching customers on a more personal and emotional level. With these efforts, people won’t feel as though they are dealing with a faceless division or department. People are going to connect with other people, think Apple and Steve Jobs and Tesla and Elon Musk. This is the effect that a person wants to achieve

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