Better Way Tax Services Provides Assistance to Those Impacted by Government Shutdown

Better Way Tax Services, an attorney-driven tax resolution firm that takes a personalized and ethical approach to resolving IRS and state tax debt, assisted clients dealing with the fallout.

Millions of taxpayers are suffering from the ripple effects of the government shutdown that closed the doors of the IRS. The IRS lost 16 days of work. They estimate over 14 million pieces of correspondence are backlogged in their offices. “The delay of refund requests has a real impact on our clients’ ability to manage their finances,” says Shawn McIntire, partner at Better Way Tax Services, an attorney-driven tax resolution firm. “We kept pushing over the shutdown to make sure our clients’ needs were at the top of the list when the IRS reopened.”

“We know there’s been a lack of professionalism in the tax resolution industry,” says McIntire, an attorney who has headed the tax controversy division at a major law firm. “Because we care about our clients, we use a personalized strategy to save them money on their back taxes.”

“During the shutdown we were able to negotiate the delivery of transcripts for a client whose mortgage rate would have increased if we didn’t provide them by the bank’s deadline,” says Josh Meyer, partner at Better Way Tax Services. “This only happened because of the relationships we’ve built with IRS agents. These relationships, along with our industry experience, allow us to get the best possible results for our clients.”

Meyer is an attorney who’s built his career negotiating settlements and installment agreements as well as protection from bank levies, tax liens, and wage garnishment.

“Instead of relying on hype and heavy-handed marketing, we choose to work under high-ethical standards,” explains Meyer. “We’re trained attorneys who understand tax law, can advocate on our client’s behalf, and represent them before the IRS. By negotiating settlements that reduce payments, we help our clients keep their business running and food on their family’s table.”

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