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Best Home Manual offers a variety of reviews and buyers guides on topics related to home improvement. The recent review and guide for best portable workbenches is a comprehensive and descriptive guide. and Aaron Hicks are pleased to announce the release of their reviews for the top portable workbenches of 2017. Also, the blog article contains a comprehensive buyer's guide with suggestions about what characteristics to look for in a workbench. The manufacturers which provide the top ten choices include Keter, Black & Decker, Rockwell, WORX, Performance Tool and Astro. Each of the reviews includes pros and cons, plus a link to price check pages

Workbenches are essential for many different chores and tasks around the home. The best portable workbench is sturdy, yet lightweight. The top of the device is the most critical part. Things like its compactness, thickness, how flat it is and the surface area are very important. Plywood is a popular choice for the work surface of the bench. Clamps are another essential feature. They must be strong enough and large enough to hold the work product in place. The weight of the equipment is another feature to check out. The bench must be light enough to be easily moved, yet strong enough and heavy enough to hold the weight placed upon it.

The height of the bench is critical, particularly if the users plan on standing next to it for extended periods while working. Versatility is a consideration for those users who want to have storage space as well as a working area. For users who occasionally add additional tools such as clamps or vices, storage room for items when not in use is appropriate.

Aaron Hicks spoke to an interviewer about his review and buyers guide, “Workbenches are ideal for those who are always following DIYs at home. Choosing the right workbenches makes the difference between achieving efficiency and having a very tiring day while working on a project. Choosing the right bench in the sea of workbench brands is overwhelming especially if this is your first buy.”

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