Best Sunbeds Ltd Offers Best Services in UK for Rentals, Repairs and Maintenance is one of the best electronic tanning bed companies in the UK offering residential and commercial sunbed rentals and purchases

Today’s society is image-conscious as a whole, which means the indoor tanning business is booming. Estimated to be over a €2 billion industry, it is clear this isn’t something that is poised to change in the near future. In a survey of more than 1,000 tanning salons in the U.S., 84 percent have seen an increase in of up to 80 percent in recent years. This uptick is impressive, but there is also a growing trend of consumers wanting to have the same benefits of an indoor tanning bed at home.

This is where services from Best Sunbeds UK come in. offering professional commercial sunbed rentals and for purchase, this company caters to both homes and businesses. In addition to providing rentals, the company also provides repairs, maintenance, and other services to ensure customers can continue tanning throughout the year.

“When you visit our website at we provide everything tanning salon owners need to run a successful business,” stated company representative Paul. “We are also dedicated to helping you keep your sunbeds in the best condition possible, servicing all makes and models of the tanning beds on the market today.”

One of the driving factors behind the increase in tanning salon business is interest from men. In the past, tanning was considered a woman-only activity by many. Now, with more male actors, celebrities and others in the spotlight using these services, the general population of men is following suit. However, with this increased demand comes the need for more beds and beds that meet customer expectations.

“In addition to providing professional services to established tanning salons, we also provide homeowners with the same quality services,” continued Paul. “We offer everything tanning related. We can provide quality beds and accessories to meet your needs.”

In addition to the growing interest in tanning beds, there is also an increase in jobs for salon employees and an increased demand for the number of beds per salon. All this results in needing a professional, reliable supplier and service company, which is what is offered by


Best Sunbeds LTD is a family owned and operated business originally founded in 1998 in Germany and Poland. IN the past, it was difficult to find individuals who had experience in this industry. However, to date, the company now has more employees and the trust of some of the best manufacturers from around the world, including megSun and Ergoline.

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