Best Selling Author Patric Chan Sets To Liberate NFT Investment By Turning His Book Into NFT To Give More Value

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The rise of NFTs as a potential investment for traders to hold and earn.

Patric Chan had been selling his books on Amazon, but he had decided to stop doing so. This is because of a new digital asset called NFT. Patric plans to reward his loyal readers through this NFT initiative in the future. Imagine this, someone out there is willing to pay 1.3 million dollars for a picture of a rock which is the same image that anyone can just right click and save into their personal computer.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, meaning there’s only 1 in the whole world. Think of it as the actual Mona Lisa painting with only one authentic copy. Due to this characteristic, NFTs are more valuable and unique. On the other end of the spectrum, cash is fungible, where if someone has 100 dollars, he can trade them for another 100 dollars, which holds the same value.

NFTs is different in comparison to cryptocurrency, and it is a form of digital assets, including an image, a video clip, a music song, and so on. These assets are unique as they are Non-Fungible, and the most common digital assets currently are digital arts. Through smart chain technology, a digital art owner can create a smart contract to transfer the digital art over to a new buyer as an NFT. After which, a token ID will be provided as evidence to prove the transaction. The buyer will then get a certificate of authenticity that will show the NFT collection is theirs.

Another reason why digital assets are a popular investment is their durability. Digital assets last forever, and it doesn’t require maintenance. Liquidity is also another reason for the demands of digital assets. Digital assets are easily convertible to cash, and with a variety of marketplace readily available online, it’s like an asset that is ready to be sold at any time. Lastly, digital assets have a very high potential as all NFTs releases have limited supply, which will help push the potential of NFTs to have an insane return of interest.

Therefore Patric Chan aims to provide value and help users through the release of his NFT project. Interested buyers of WakeUp Millionaire NFT Collection would benefit not just from owning the NFT but the “utility” behind it. The collector will also be getting the digital copy of the WakeUp Millionaire book, and a free subscription to PATRICWEEKLY paid newsletter. In the newsletter, Patric will share exclusive marketing secrets and strategies to build highly profitable online businesses. During the pre-launch, there won’t be a need to use a crypto wallet or OpenSea account to purchase the NFT. This way, anyone can get onboard to collect and learn.

About Patric Chan

Patric Chan is a best-selling author of multiple books, internet marketing pioneer, and international speaker of 12 countries. He has been in the online business space since 2003 and taught all kinds of online business models available out there to his students from all around the world through his books, courses, seminars, and live training. Even with such a reputation, Patric’s key focus in 2022 is to serve his WakeUp Millionaire NFTs collectors.

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Name: Patric Chan
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