Best-Selling Author Creates Program to Promote Self-Confidence in Women

Jane Carroll, Author of the Best-Selling "Bertha Series", rallies women of every shape and size to throw away their people pleasing habits and join her on a journey of empowerment with her new program "Banish Your Inner People Pleaser".

The act of people pleasing can damage self-esteem as well as physical health. Women today are juggling families, careers, relationships, etc. and are finding themselves at the bottom of their priorities. Women no longer need to struggle trying to please everyone--trying to be enough. They can change their limiting beliefs and begin to live the life that they desire and deserve.

Jane Carroll, the Amazon Bestselling Author of "The Bertha Series", uses humor to bridge the gap for those who are on a personal quest of self-improvement and those who relate personal growth to having a separate height mark on the wall for each of their children. "Each person has a set point, a starting place, my intention is to reach that person where they are today and start on the wonderful journey into tomorrow." Her new program, "Banish Your Inner People Pleaser", releases on June 5, 2015.

Carroll connects with her readers by pulling from her expertise as a life coach, law of attraction practitioner, and registered nurse in facilitating one-on-one and group coaching sessions and online courses. By utilizing a combination of proven techniques, including emotional freedom technique, affirmations, meditations and many more, Carroll is able to assist women in reframing their underlying beliefs to those that support them.

With the same wit and wisdom found in the beloved "The Bertha Series", Carroll empowers women everywhere to transform their lives into a healthier, happier, and truly rewarding one. "Too many years were spent trying to mold myself into the person I thought others wanted me to be. All that molding left me not knowing who I was. Today, it is pretty clear who I am and what I want out of life. I love helping other women live their life with that same clarity."

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