Best Case Leads Approved and Registered as a Qualifying Provider by Florida Bar

Official letter from Florida Bar confirms lead generation firm's complete compliance with current version of Rule 4-7.22, Best Case Leads reports

Best Case Leads has been officially registered as a Florida Bar Qualifying Provider. Having demonstrated full compliance with Florida Bar Rule 4-7.22, Best Case Leads has been deemed qualified to refer leads to Florida-based attorneys. As a registered Florida Bar Pay Per Lead provider, Best Case Leads complies with all of the Florida Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising in its own activities, conforms to rules governing communications and the division of fees, and meets all of the other included requirements.

"We're proud to report that we have received a letter from the Florida Bar confirming our official registration as a qualifying provider," said Best Case Leads founder and CEO Fadi Agour. "We applauded the Florida Supreme Court's approval last year of amendments to Florida Bar Rule 4-7.22 that were proposed in 2016. The addition of qualifying providers to the rules governing attorney advertising in Florida is a positive one that will benefit many. Our deep commitment to transparency and fair and honest dealing meshes very well with the requirements included in the amended version of Rule 4-7.22."

Practicing attorneys are considered officers of the court in every state, and their professional activities are governed by corresponding rules. All state bar associations, for example, maintain detailed rules that restrict how attorneys can advertise and otherwise market their services.

As of April 30 of last year, amended Florida Bar rules significantly expanded the range of who was eligible to refer those in need of legal representation to attorneys. Up until that point, only relatively narrowly defined "lawyer referral services" were allowed to perform that function. The "qualifying providers" described under the current version of Rule 4-7.22 include a potentially wider variety of non-lawyer third parties.

Even so, the revised rule imposes a number of strict, carefully considered requirements that are designed to protect clients and the integrity of Florida's courts. Having demonstrated complete compliance with all of these standards, Best Case Leads has been officially registered as a qualifying provider by the Florida Bar. More information is available at the Best Case Leads website.

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Always maintaining the highest standards of quality and transparency, Best Case Leads is dedicated to driving growth for law firms by providing exclusive, real-time, actionable leads that convert into business and revenue.

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