BEST Background Check Service Review – TOP 2 Online Background Search Companies Compared

The 3 Low-Quality Companies to Avoid and TOP 2 Background Check Services for Pre-Employment Screening and Criminal Record Investigation Revealed by Online Background Check Reviews.

“Like most things online, only a handful services provide accurate and up-to-date background check information, and therefore can be confidently recommended” says Natalie Nathan, a co-author of TOP 2 BEST Background Check Services – Review and Comparison.

The above review is based on several criteria including, but not limited to (1) the size of the database, (2) the comprehensive nature of the report, (3) the accuracy of results, (4) the updating frequency of the database, and (5) the age and reputation of the company.

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The review strongly advices consumers to stay away from low-quality companies that have (1) small, (2) inaccurate, and (3) outdated databases.

“People run background checks for professional reasons like pre-employment screening as well as personal reasons like checking out a new date, a new tenant, or even a new nanny. When the reasons are that important and sensitive, the results need to be extremely accurate and up-to-date. However, most online background checking services fail to deliver on these aspects and completely mislead the consumer. The last thing you want is to get your nanny check wrong and hand your child over to a babysitter with a criminal record.” explains Nathan.

The background check review also goes on to describe the differences between free reports and comprehensive paid reports. Many companies advertise themselves as providers of free background checks. However, these free reports provide little to no useful data.

The best companies in the industry provide a plethora of information like (1) Full name, aliases, date of birth, relatives, and marital status, (2) Current and previous address history, (3) Property ownership, (4) Household income, (5) Business profile including level of education and employment, (6) Criminal records like offenses, felonies, tax evasions and federal offenses, (7) Civil judgment records (e.g. bankruptcies and tax liens), and (8) Lawsuits, if available. However, this kind of comprehensive information is usually only available through paid searches.

In their review of the best background check services, they give special emphasis to the company reputation. For example, one of the top 2 services is a Best Business Bureau registered company that has been featured on the Wall Street Journal and CBS 60 minutes while the other has been recognized in the Inc. Magazine’s INC. 500.

Whether it is a pre-employment screening or a criminal background check that needs to be done, one doesn’t necessarily have to use an online service. One could go to the office of the local assessor or recorder, and request the needed information via the public records center. This is especially true with business or personal property records like ownership details, assessed values, property sales listings, and historical tax collector information. However, this requires that one physically goes to the local office and possibly pay a registration and monthly fee for accessing these public databases. There is absolutely nothing to stop one from going to the local assessor, hiring a private detective or even running an FBI check. However, given how exhausting and time-consuming these options may be, online background check companies are the most convenient, quickest, and likely the most economical option to obtain information of this nature.

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