Best Adjusting Company Assures Clients To Stay In Their Corners Fighting For Their Rights.

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Florida’s No Insurance Claims focuses on helping their clients get the highest compensation possible to cover the cost of repairs to their properties.

 No Stress Claims, probably the best adjusting company in Florida has one simple goal; to get the insurance company to pay their clients the highest compensation possible to cover the cost of repairs to their properties.

Ruben Martinez, a public insurance adjuster and self-employed business owner is fully aware of the stress that comes with underpaid, delayed, or even worse, unpaid property insurance claims. He believes that each of their clients is entitled to receive the money necessary to repair their properties. And their public adjusting company are licensed and bonded by the state to represent their clients, home, and business owners against insurance companies.

Ruben’s belief stemmed from the different struggles in his path such as his own family didn’t believe him, friends who were thinking it was just a dream, and countless failures. But Ruben did not give up. As a result, he is now a self-employed business owner helping individuals that are in need. According to him, these are the people who are down and struggling, who have no belief, and nothing else since their own insurance has let them down.

The humble Ruben considers himself as a regular human being who comes to offer help to these kinds of individuals. It provides strength as a person and he believes that he can make huge changes in their lives. And this is what he most proud of his company; helping others recover and helping young entrepreneurs like himself make something for themselves. He is focused on helping them from nothing to teaching them how to be a better person by introducing them to a business where not only they can make as much as they want but they can also help as many people as possible.

It took six years for Ruben to reached where he currently is after countless failures. He knows that what sets him apart from others is the fact that he will never let anyone down no matter how small or big an opportunity is, even if he doesn’t get any benefits out of it. He promises he would still help and still going to be there for them no matter what happened. He believes that this is the reason why God blesses him and never gave up on him because he never gives up on anyone.

Born from a poor but with a big heart and strong spirit family in Cuba, Ruben can still recall his parents for being strong hand workers and never gave up on him. However, Ruben wasn’t into studying in college, so he figured out a way to make something out of himself to follow through with his dreams.

Ruben advises entrepreneurs to always write down their goals and make them possible. He added that having a game plan and never giving up is the best attitude to be a successful entrepreneur like him.

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About Ruben Martinez:
At the age of 27, Ruben becomes the young entrepreneur owner of three businesses, aside from being an owner of multiple properties. His piece of advice for his younger self is to never give up on his dreams until they become reality.

About No Insurance Claims:
No Insurance Claims is the best public adjusting company that is licensed and bonded by the state to represent their clients against insurance companies. Their assessment of their client’s policy is free, and they collect a fee for their services only when their clients’ claims are approved and paid out. Our company has over 60 years of experience combined with professional that work alongside me to succedd.

No Insurance Claims specializes in multiple types of damages such as hurricane damage, wind damage, flood damage, roof damage, mold damage, and fire and smoke damage.

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